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Brand You Should Know: A.Oei Studio

Photo via a.oei studio

In an increasingly oversaturated fashion industry, a.oei studio presents something different. In a world where artistic and wearable usually don’t go hand in hand, this contemporary womenswear brand stands for that, combining abstract prints and subtle tailoring in every pieces it makes. Born and raised in Singapore, and armored by education and a handful of experiences from European fashion powerhouses, Angeline Oei, the designer behind her namesake label, decided to start the brand in Seattle after having visited the city a few times prior. She saw Seattle started evolving into one of the fashion cities, and her love for the quiet creative energy in it made a powerful impetus to launch a.oei studio.

All photos via a.oei studio

Speaking of sustainability (ah, the big word!) side of the business, Angeline partners with small manufacturers in Seattle and Singapore, with fabrics mostly sourced from Japan (you’d most likely find natural fiber fabrics like cotton & silk in her designs). She works closely with the factories to ensure product quality as well as fair practices. I admire very much designers who still care and opt in for a sustainable practice regardless of god knows how much temptations out there in this industry to go the easy route and produce things cheaper.

Having seen and touched (and drooled over) their collection, a.oei studio embodies what I call the perfect balance of art piece and accessibility, meaning like an art piece you can actually wear IRL! Oh, and as if all that is not enough, the studio also provides custom print and designs to all of you locals (or not) and businesses who need it!

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