Adam Curtis: The Manmade Tale

The BBC documentarist explains in an interview with The Economist how he wishes politicians had responded to Brexit, and gives his opinion on Margaret Atwood’s most famous work.

I came up with this comic as a result of reading Mark Fisher’s Capitalist Realism (Fisher actually died by suicide in between my buying the book and reading it). He recommended reading The Ringer’s interview with Adam Curtis. I couldn’t find this, so if anyone has the link please send it to me, I am a huge fan. Instead I found this fantastic interview with the Economist. I did not expect Curtis to rip Atwood a new one, but here we are.

I see where Curtis is coming from when he describes The Handmaid’s Tale as “torture porn.” It was one of C4’s best drama programs, but I couldn’t see it through to the end of the first series. It was just too grim (and this comes from someone who watched The Tribe right through).

There is another, seperate, argument against The Handmaid’s Tale now being made: that the experience of the women in the world of the novel and TV series is similar to that of women of colour in the real world. Casting mostly white women as handmaids is therefore erasure or whitewashing.

If you haven’t seen HyperNormalisation, it is a masterpiece of storytelling and a must-watch. Most of Curtis’ other films can be found online as well, and all are eminently watchable. I think we might be due his next big project any day now, too.

The biased editorial opinion of Draws for Thought on Brexit is that it is a disaster and should be cancelled. I can however fully appreciate Curtis’ thoughts that it is borne out of a desperate wish for something to change.

Also, sorry for the extended hiatus here on Draws For Thought. I must do better…