The Tin-Foil Boat Challenge!

How many pennies can you get your boat to hold?

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2 min readApr 28, 2020

You will need:

· Tin foil

· As many 1ps or 2ps as you have

· Bowl/container with water in

What to do:

1. Everyone to be given the same amount of foil, making sure it’s a fair test!

2. Using the foil everyone has 10 minutes to create a boat, with a flat surface on the bottom, see pictures for some ideas! Tip — make sure there is no holes on the bottom of the boat!

3. Once everyone has created their boats, one person at a time, place the boat in the water and it should stay afloat.

4. Carefully start added pennies to the boat and keep a tally of how much the boat will hold.

You can see my attempt here. My tin foil piece was a square 30cm x 30 cm, but you can use whatever size you want. My boat held a total of 47 1ps before sinking!



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