CRC Brings Families Together in Preparation for the School Year

The Correctional Reception Center’s (CRC) own 7 Step Foundation hosted their annual Back 2 School Family Ties visit recently. These events are usually centered around meaningful interaction between the offenders and their families.

The carnival themed visit was held in the recreation area utilizing the gym and recreation yard. Activities included carnival games, arts & crafts, face painting, moving screenings and sports activities. Breakfast and lunch for the event was catered by Aramark Corporation which included a continental breakfast and a taco bar for lunch.

Offenders and their children take part in institution activities.

Other attractions included snow cones and popcorn for visitors and free school supplies give away. The event also served as an open house for the youthful offenders in which parents were allowed to come and meet staff while participating in the visit.

The Epiphany Ministry of Ohio, along with Loved Ones Of Prisoners (L.O.O.P), served as volunteers for the event, helping to run the craft tables, serve food and giving candy to the children for prizes. The family ties visit also allowed the volunteers to interact with the families of the offenders whom they serve.

Describing the importance of the visit, Unit Manager and event coordinator M. Rhodes said, “Community interaction in which volunteers, offenders, correction professionals and families are brought together is the sure path to rehabilitation. These visits are one of the rare occasions in which all these elements are brought together in a positive light.”

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