CRACKING A NUT with a Weightless, Invisible Hammer That Doesn’t Exist

Nothingness. The Empty. Dead. Death. No content. Heavy on the lacking.

In a time where clocks seem to tick faster than they did the previous day, the worse state of (non)being is that of ‘Content-Free.’

“Has it content? Has it meaning? What is it saying?”

Well, what’s the answers to those questions that are on the quivering lips of ‘content- providers’ as they send their product through cyberspace, by Royal Mail, Express Delivery, Pizza Boy on Bike?

“Is there any hidden content? Jus’ for li’l old me? Y’know somethin’ others may not have noticed/found yet/ deserved?”

Well, is there? Any Easter Eggs (no not those kind, these are the type you can’t eat) on the DVD/Blu Ray/ Download/Traffic Cone?

2014— If Art speaks volumes, then the dial must be down low. Films mutter under their breath, something about something they sorta heard of someone sometime. Music blares out making rebels of the lethargic and uninspired.

Remember: The dialogue maybe one-sided but at least you’re listening. Keep your ear to the ground, what’s that? A new band you hear? A trailer from an unexpected source: really, is she in that? And whose directing? Wow, could be good.

Take the derive: wander through town, never checked that gallery over there before? Well, nows the time. And guess what? You’ve only been in five minutes and suddenly it’s before you, a piece on the wall- tucked, almost hidden in the corner- and you think ‘I wished I’d made that.’ That great, huh?

Fuck content, it only gets in the way of the good stuff.