Brutal Life Lessons from the Broken Heart. Part — 1

Photo by Gianni Zanato on Unsplash

Till today you may be high on those doze of sweet lies and floating in the paradise of lies. I was also one of you before, attracted towards the false beauty of life.

It just happens until you understand what’s real and what’s unreal.

Intro :

Hi, I am an ordinary jack, working as a software engineer. I am from a small town. I am a sick head, corporate career, into the rat race, following the senseless culture of this generation, Confused young.

Photo by Vitaly Taranov on Unsplash

I don’t have loads of money in my bank account, I use credit cards to buy the cool stuff, Well they say offers exclusively for me. Dumb.

Yes, I have been a failure, broken heart. It doesn’t mean always a love failure. Almost failure in everything I did so far.

Well, you can count my failure love life on the list too. I am here to tell you some brutal truth and harsh life lessons. This will open your sense of reality.

1. “Love” is not what you think.

I was always dreaming of having a beautiful girl as my partner/ soul mate who stays with me forever, who is always in favor of me, helps me in fulfilling all my wishes and we are gonna stay happy forever. It looks pretty simple right.

This is bullshit, far away from the reality. I got to know this is not real when I found out love is something beyond. It is an indefinite piece of shit. No certain shape like an amoeba, no certain taste like water.

It just happens and you never know when. It is not always “happy — happy” as shown in those movies. It has both pain and happiness.

A love relationship is like an iceberg. You see the happiness on the top and all forms of pain submerged. Love relationships win through Excelsior. Once you find the happiness within pain.

2. “Truth” is ignored

The best piece of advice is always an ignored piece of shit. No one admires the harsh truth. We still lust for things which we won’t last forever, even when we know it.

I know this; Most of my articles posted here are ignored.

No one likes the truth & good advice. I am not writing for fame or to make money. I don’t care for such nonsense.

If I start writing sex stories or post some hot naked selfies, I may become an internet sensation overnight.

“Naked bitches get more likes than naked truth”
You follow those bimbos. I don’t care. I am pretty sure, they won’t lead you anywhere.

3. No one has reached the infinity

Just by getting some fame and popularity, you don’t call it a success. It is different. Success is for yourself, it is not for the people around you.

Even jackasses get popularity now a day just by posting funny videos, filters applied and almost naked pictures, those dubbing videos. These are everywhere. I feel sick whenever I see these.

I know I am not one of these. And you are not one of them if you are reading this.

No one knows the limit of human potential. Once you see the fame, you stop unleashing your potential.

4. Men cry too and so do human

Men pretend hard they don’t cry. There’s no point pretending you don’t cry. We all cry because we’re all human. Emotion is what connects us together.

Everyone has a bad day and tough situation brings the tears down. Emotion is equal for all genders.

Crying is how we know what matters to us. Every time we cry, we get another piece of the puzzle to solve. Pamper yourself and get up.

It’s the one feeling we can’t stop no matter how hard we might try so we can look normal.

Stop being normal. I cried too. Well, a lot many times. No one pampers you. Go get up boy. Nothing can stop you.

5. Real is rare

Fair, Brunette, glossy lips, perfect curve, huge front & huge backs and what not. Almost everything is exposed. You call her beauty, I call her naked.

I am sick of these bimbos everywhere. This is not beauty. Beauty is something different and it is never dirty. I was wrong. And then I found Beauty is not the outer shell. Beauty is the inner soul.

“I don’t care how beautiful you are, I have seen ugly side of you. True Beauty doesn’t come from your make up.”

Accept who you are, and who you want to be. And be you. Stop pretending what you are not. I am sick of people covering with the fake face. This doesn’t amaze me.

I don’t care if post your ass with hundred filters. Stay modest.

Be Real

Stay Tuned... More incoming…