Tips to Host Virtual Medical Conferences and Pharmaceutical Virtual Events

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6 min readJan 29, 2021

The pharmaceutical and medical industry organises substantial business meetings and conferences annually to grow business enormously. It results in boosting connections and generating amplified business revenues. Whether the organisation is big or small, these events play a significant role in the livelihood of the pharmaceutical industry.

With the change in the scenarios due to global pandemic, a large number of events have gone virtual or hybrid. The event entity is the quickest one to adapt to the changing trends and leverage new ways of hosting events. With time, hosting virtual or hybrid events became the new normal. It enables delegates to attend the event safely from their own homes, thus preventing health risks.

Right from hosting pharma virtual events, virtual medical conferences, healthcare virtual events, etc. a comprehensive virtual event technology serves all. Converting the live physical formats into a visually rich virtual format seems new to many. Many pharma professionals experienced hosting medical virtual events is a tricky task if you are new to the event format.

In this post, we have listed top tips to host successful virtual health conferences and pharmaceutical virtual events.

Want To Organize Medical Virtual Events To Connect With Global Delegates?

As the scenario has changed due to the current pandemic, we have entered into the era of digitalization. Large numbers of healthcare virtual events are taking place around the globe. However, it enables organisers to connect with virtual delegates seamlessly.

Hosting virtual medical conferences and pharmaceutical virtual events is a brilliant move by the pharma industry to capitalize on what’s being offered. In the past few months, an ample number of medical virtual events and conferences were meticulously designed, organized, and implemented.

If you are planning to host a virtual event for the first time, you have landed at the right place. We have enumerated the top tips to host your next Pharma virtual events or medical virtual conference successfully.

But Before That, What You Need To Do?

Leverage the right virtual and hybrid event technology to host medical virtual events. Out of many players available in the market, select the platform that best suits your business needs. Choosing the platform that offers customisable solutions and comprehensive features is the best bet. A comprehensive virtual events platform manages everything right from event registrations to networking, digital footprinting, and tracking KPIs and data to create a detailed analytics report.

Do not presume that while hosting a pharma virtual event you do not need to plan out an effective strategy. Once you have paired with the right technology partner, creating an effective virtual event strategy is a must. It helps in delivering a seamless medical virtual or hybrid event thus giving you optimal results. Create effective strategies around online registrations, promotions, engagement, presentations, networking, and delivering lifelike experiences. It helps in ensuring a successful healthcare virtual event and makes you achieve the desired set goals.

8 Tips to Host Pharmaceutical Virtual Events and Virtual Medical Conferences

1. Take e-patients into consideration while hosting healthcare virtual events

Considering e-patients while hosting virtual medical events is one of the brilliant tips. e-patients are always well versed with the latest changes in the medical scope. These patients leverage online channels to gather relevant information to understand their health status, effective ways to lead a healthy life, advanced methods of medical treatments, etc.

Your e-patients are always eager to avail information related to their health. They like to be on top of their health and have insights into what affects their health. Leaving them out of the blue while planning your hybrid virtual medical conference is not a great idea. Do a little research beforehand while planning a strategy for a virtual medical conference. Gather information about e-patients who they are, what kind of health issues they face, which platforms they use to connect with fellow members, and so on. Undoubtedly, they are your potential target audience. Create an effective strategy to invite them to your medical virtual hybrid event and engage them seamlessly.

2. Integrate your event with social media channels to enhance participation

Leveraging social media channels is one of the best ways to promote your event and reach millions. It not only reaches many but enhances attendee participation at the event as well. Innovative virtual events stay evergreen on social media for a longer lifespan even after live virtual events get over. Allow your attendees to share their event stories, insights, feeds, learning, etc. on social media platforms. Ask your attendees to utilize eye-catchy hashtags for an event while sharing anything on social media. It not only helps in enhancing your event online but results in amplifying your event attendance for the next time as well.

3. Engage your attendees in the most entertaining way

Networking is the key to make any event successful be it a physical or a virtual event. While hosting your next virtual or hybrid medical event, ensure that you have an emotional connection with your delegates.

To keep your attendees hooked with your event, interact with them in real-time before, during, and after the conference. Incorporate live polls, Q&A sessions, quizzes, networking tables amid virtual hybrid medical conferences to keep the interest of attendees alive. You can even offer virtual giveaways and offer gifts such as gift cards or vouchers to the winners of the contests as a token of appreciation.

4. Collect research papers from speakers in advance

Make sure to collect research papers and extracts from your speakers in advance to ensure a successful medical virtual event. The speakers in a medical conference usually belong to the same medical field or background. To hire the best speakers for your virtual healthcare conferences ask the speakers to submit their research papers and extracts in advance. You can review the papers and extracts of all the speakers and qualify the best ones for your conference. To make the most out of your virtual hybrid event ensure to give them updates and information in a timely fashion.

5. Ask your speakers to present in an exciting way

Gone are the days when a simple monotonous PPT holds the attention of attendees. Enable your speakers to present the information in a fun and easy way out.

You can even ask them to use creative background, infographics, real statistics, etc. to make the presentation engaging and exciting. Encourage your speaker to build a connection with your audience and acknowledge their presence. Speakers must answer the relevant questions asked by attendees during the Q&A sessions. However, it helps in keeping the attendees captivated during the ongoing live sessions.

6. Create valuable content

Focus on creating valuable content for virtual medical conferences. Make your virtual medical conference more understandable for attendees by utilizing illustrations, videos, stories, etc. You can even opt to personalize the content for your event to keep the interest of attendees alive. Make sure your event material is designed as per the group of attendees. While presenting the concepts and stats keep your attendees in mind. Present it in such a manner that your attendees can understand and relate to it easily.

7. Direct your marketing efforts in the right direction

Marketing is the key to tap and attract potential attendees and make the event successful. One must create audience-specific marketing strategies to attract the right set of attendees. Directing your marketing efforts for a virtual medical conference in the right direction helps you reach the target segment of attendees.

Medical experts, health professionals, scientists, researchers, caretakers, e-patients, media journalists, etc. are some of the potential target audiences for a virtual medical event. However, to reach the pool of attendees you need to create a different marketing strategy for a different group.

8. Do not forget to follow-up and gather feedback

Maybe achieving a milestone with a virtual conference is not your agenda, but it should be entertaining, informative, professional, and acceptable. Once your event ends, do not forget to follow-up with your attendees. Create a rigorous process to collect feedback from them about what they liked and do not like at the event. In short, make your attendees aware that their feedback is valuable to you and you will consider the most relevant feedback to improvise your next hybrid virtual medical events.

Final Word

With the right approach, strategy, and resilience you are sure to host successful healthcare virtual events. Take a step ahead and leverage the right technology to know the best possibilities to host successful virtual medical and pharmaceutical events.

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