Coping With Stress At Work

Work pressure has become a norm in today’s corporate environment. Ever increasing sales targets, approaching project deadlines, performance issues are some of the factors that contribute to workplace pressure. It takes a toll on the emotional as well as physical health of an individual if left unaddressed. What are the ways that you can cope with work pressure?

Have realistic expectations: There is a limit to what one can do or achieve within a fixed period. Set targets that are realistic and achievable for yourself as well as for your team. Understand the fine line between a challenge and pressure. While accepting more responsibilities can be challenging, ensure that it does not put undue pressure on you. When the going is tough, learn to say “No”.

Plan in advance: When planning a project or work, make provision for roadblocks and delays in work. This ensures that you have time to troubleshoot or address problems and yet meet the deadline. Anticipating problems will prepare you to handle them better thereby causing lesser stress.

Prioritize your tasks: Prioritize your tasks into what needs immediate attention, what are routine and what can wait. Once the most important tasks are taken care of, it gets easier to handle the rest of the tasks. However, if you don’t prioritize your tasks and handle tasks as they come, you might face a situation where important tasks need to be done at short notice causing unnecessary stress.

Think delegation: Remember that you don’t have to do it all. There are others who can pitch in to speed up things for you. Delegate tasks that can be done by others. That way you have time to focus on tasks that are more important that only you can do. This ensures that all tasks are done simultaneously.

Adapt to change: Sometimes, individuals find it hard to accept changes that take place around them. They remain unwilling to adjust to the changing demands of the organization. This only increases the stress factor. Being flexible helps to have an open mind and ensures that you adapt to change smoothly. This attitude is a great stress-buster.

Stress is Part of the Job: Handle it like a Pro

We don’t always have to be overwhelmed by stressful situations. With calm and positive attitude we can find ways to manage stress effectively.

~Dreamcatcher IT