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Hosting Know-How: Get leads using Facebook

If you are already familiar with inbound marketing, and you are able to create and think of your personas, there are a few tricks on Social Media, that you can use to engage users in your offer. Facebook has expanded advertising options to the limit — every user is tracked and tagged by their interests, job that they have & so on. Now, in few tips & ideas, let’s look how we can use them, to generate leads!

Target Audience

We have to start with the basics in order to move forward. Personalisation is a key issue that plays a role in your offer and making a brilliant marketing campaign. If, for example, your future clients are interested in fashion, you can make your service look visually like an ideal place to have their own fashion blog at. Similar graphic could be used to target Facebook users.

Go to Adverts Manager or Power Editor > Create Campaign > Choose a target (we’ll speak about that in a minute) > Audience. At the bottom of this section, you will notice Detailed targeting. If your personalised ad is about fashion, choose interests that match your target, magazines, TV programs that they watch, famous bloggers. You can also narrow the audience to target people that, for example, are interested in women’s clothing & have an Instagram account. Excluding some audience can work as well — if you type in your competition’s Facebook pages, there’s a good chance you will target people, that don’t have a hosting service yet.

Video related audience

Graphical and mobile content is usually more attractive than a plain text and it’s more noticeable. If you uploaded a video on Facebook, the social media app has a few features, to grant their users for not using YouTube.

In the audience panel, we can create a custom audience and add a group based on engagement on Facebook. Then, choose a video. Facebook allows you to target people who viewed at least 3 seconds of your video, people who have watched at 25% of your video and so on. Then, you can choose the time range users are your audience (do we target those 25% that have seen your video a month ago, or last week?). With cool apps and mobile tools, you can make great videos now, using just photos.

Lead Generation

Facebook allows you to create a direct lead campaign, that will ask your viewers for e-mail addresses, their full name, telephone, gender, date of birth, Job title or anything you want to know, really. This new tool demands to have some regulations, but you can include them on your website. With a graphic design & nice call to action you can ask your clients to click and leave their contact information. Basically, you build your ad normally with targeted audience and budget, then set up an image (or a video) and a headline, clickable call to action suggested by facebook and a form, that will be seen after a click.

This is one of the most powerful tools for lead generation, and if you can use it wisely and target well, your customers will deliver their info for you to contact. The form answers are hidden in facebook’s library and downloadable in excel.

Facebook Shop / Service

Facebook applied some options for ecommerce to happen on the platform itself. You have probably heard of marketplaces, that allow to add products nearby, or Facebook store. You can promote your hosting offer this way too. There are two options, that you can use to promote your services — Facebook store or Facebook service. The first one is recommended for everything that contains a price, the other will be suitable for services that don’t really have a stable pricing tag. In the first option, you can add basic packages, the other will be perfect for dedicated hosting or any other special services. Graphical catalog of your products can be bundled in an advertisement.


Target the audience that has been on your website by adding a Facebook pixel to your www. This will allow Facebook to track your visitors and retarget them on Social Media. Do this by creating a custom audience in Facebook’s custom audience panel, then base the group on website traffic (remember to add a Pixel to your website or create one).

In order to apply this audience to your ads, simply create an advert and choose custom audience, from the ones saved previously.




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