What do we L.O.V.E. about e-commerce

Custom, detailed and beautifully packed object are shipped each day to over million of internet users. We have asked our clients and supporters, what do they enjoy the most in internet sale’s experience, and they have shared some Valentine’s special tips on their feelings towards e-commerce and shopping online.

L for Lower Prices

Multi Stores and huge platforms like eBay or Amazon allow you to check the price of the product and choose the most suitable one, but recently Google has come to a plate with master degree in AdWords, so every product that you want to search for online, can show up in your Search Engine, with a picture and a price tag from an individual store. This is complementary for retailers, that sell their product on their individual platforms — less mess, and a redirection to a certain shop. And yes, well spend money on ad campaigns. But, there’s more to online sales than just comparing the prices. When you subscribe for a newsletter or share a picture, oftenly you get a discount on the products and that’s something, you can’t get in a regular store. Our visitors shared some views on the great benefits of newsletter discounts and they seem to love the 20% for just exchanging an e-mail.

O for Outstanding Personalization

Here’s another benefit, that you can get when doing online sales — in a regular store, almost nothing is made to order. Online, however, you can personalise your purchase, by changing sizes, colours, tech specifications. When you choose to purchase from an online store, not a mass platform, usually the products are beautifully wrapped and carry a message. “They seem to really care for user experience” says Olivia “Each time I order something from an individual shop, they add passion and love to it, so you can feel it through the item”. Another tip for personalisation, is to add a little note or follow the order with an email, checking, if everything is great with the customers.

V for Viral Products

You might like the idea of something you see or hear on the street but not be able to find it in a regular store, and that happens often to people that are easily influenced by trends. Whenever you want to have a yellow jacket or a almond scented nail polish, searching online is a phenomenal idea. Same happens to oftenly popular items, that have been created by a TV trend or a music video, believe me “Beyonce’s dress from Formation” is among one of the top searches, and classical retail can’t do anything about it. Searching the web for specific items has become a habit and there’s almost nothing shop owners can do about it.

E for Extra-fast shipment

Whether you want to consider delivery to your home or office, delivery can be a winning sales decision point. We tend to forget what we purchased, what address was on the order or which e-mail address was used for it, not even mentioning remembering the specific date of the order. In e-commerce there are more and more trends & methods for fast delivery and even check-points for fitting the item before deciding on taking your stuff home. But that comes quite obvious these days, and what is literally more concerning is the discussion about return policies. Not every store is liberal when it comes to returns, exchanging items, and oftenly the changed order comes to the bottom of waiting list. Best practices show, that every order should be treated the same, since user experience is a continuous compilation

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