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Introducing the Dreamcraft Universe!

It is time to invite you in and properly introduce the Dreamcraft Universe. A universe built on the thoughts, values, and future ambitions of the Dreamcraft team. It is inspired by our portfolio founders, who we are, and who we, together, want to be in the future 🙌

At the core of Dreamcraft are dreamers and crafters. Because we believe success is created by a team mixed with dreamers and crafters who will build solid businesses.

“Dreamcraft’ is expressing that we believe that entrepreneurial successes are created by a team consisting of a mix of ‘dreamers’ and ‘crafters’. Dreamers who imagine a better tomorrow, and crafters who know how to build it. We are first and foremost the engineer who helps the two”Daniel Mariussen, General Partner.

Mads Fibiger (Founder & CFO, Organic Basics) and Daniel Mariussen (General Partner, Dreamcraft) on the +impact stage at TechBBQ 2021

To build something you need an idea, a vision — a dream. However, if a dream only stays inside the mind of a talented founder, that dream will not come true. That is why the crafting part of Dreamcraft is just as important as the dreaming part. Solid crafting is needed to build a business — to see it all come alive 💪

A great example of a founder team in true Dreamcraft style is our Founding Partners Jesper Søgaard and Christian Rasmussen, where you can think of Jesper as the dreamer and Christian as the crafter 🙏 Together, Jesper and Christian have dreamt and crafted Better Collective since high school, which is now a listed company with USD + 1bn market cap, offices all over the world — the world’s largest betting and iGaming media group.

We are hands-on venture engineers who help dreamers and crafters on their journey 🚀

The Deamcraft Team

Dream wild, craft solid

No dreams are the same. That is why our logo is regenerative, meaning our logo is dynamic — a dream is unique. A dream is also unfinished and scattered. It consists of reality mixed with the unknown. This is what drives ambitious founders — to step into the unknown and make a dream reality.

The crafting part, however, stays solid because there are a number of essential elements that are needed to build a business. No matter what the dream, founders need a rockstar team. At the core of the crafter are the ability to build growth engines, the ability to hire the right talent, and the ability to raise capital 🔨

Carsten Salling (General Partner & Investment Manager, Dreamcraft) together with Marc Sima (Co-founder, Fuelsave)

An early-stage company should be open for opportunity, but solid enough to stand steady through stormy nights. Crafting is an essential ingredient for taking an idea to actuality.

“Building new businesses from scratch is a craft, and many of the same challenges recur across industries in the very early stages. In addition to investing money, we actively use our own startup experience and know-how to maximize the chances of entrepreneurs succeeding”Jesper Søgaard, Founding Partner.

The Dreamcraft Universe is built on three drivers:

Progressive. Proper. Down to Earth.

Progressive is about being young, curious, and looking for the visionaries who disrupt our current knowledge and way of thinking. Dreamcraft is there to progress with founders shaping the future 🚀

We are proper, polite, and do what we say we do. There is properness and orderliness in the way we craft. We take pride in being diligent and thorough. Many of us in the Dreamcraft team have been founders and operators ourselves and know the storms founders need to stand steady through 💪

Down to Earth. This is our style. We like t-shirts, not suits. We value advice and know there are always ways to improve. That is how we work, who we are and what we value — being casual and approachable. We are, and we like, learning machines who take every opportunity to absorb knowledge 😃

But it does not stop quite there. The three drivers all have their respective colors forming Dreamcraft Universe’s visual identity.

Therefore, we have Progressive Pink, Proper Copper and Down to Earth blue!

We wanted the Dreamcraft Universe to reflect a young team with a fresh color scheme. With our Dreammachine, our online logo and graphics generator, we create our visual identity — there are no limits on how we can form the Universe. Did we mention we are progressive?

“To me, the Down to Earth driver is the fundament to the culture here at Dreamcraft. It shapes everything from the way we work together as a team to how we engage with founders” — Alma Holst, Investment Analyst.

To finish it off, we must say that the whole Dreamcraft Team is excited to have launched the Dreamcraft Universe and we are ready to take on the future 🚀

Check out our Why Dreamcraft? page to read more about what the Dreamcraft Universe is all about and how we operate! Feel free to reach out to our team to learn more and for more updates, be sure to check out our LinkedIn 👀💬



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