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Meet the Team: Mads, Investment Associate — Taking his passion for fast-paced environments and B2B technologies to VC

Next up in our “Meet the Team’’ series is Mads Hansen — Investment Associate and our newest addition to the Investment Team at Dreamcraft Ventures. Mads already has broad industry knowledge and has previously worked with commercial excellence and digital transformation. Mads is supporting the team on sourcing, investments, fundraising, and expanding Dreamcraft’s footprint in the Nordics.

Foto: Lars Just

In 2017 Mads moved to Spain for a year to work with business development and digitalization at a holiday rental business. Here, he worked closely with the founder and developed a passion for business development and process optimization. This was also the first time Mads worked closely with a serial entrepreneur, an experience he found incredibly inspiring. The responsibility, dynamics, and fast pace inspired him to pursue his next job in a Copenhagen-based start-up.

While Mads started his studies at Copenhagen Business School pursuing a degree in International Business, he instantly found himself in the Nordic start-up ecosystem as he joined the B2B sales-as-a-service start-up Radiant. As one of the first hires, he worked closely with the two founders and actively contributed to the company’s operational development.

During Mads’ 2.5 years at Radiant, he took on numerous roles and worked with several industries. He learned the importance of managing growth, the speed of execution, and culture. The rapid growth and steep learning curve at Radiant further solidified Mads’ eagerness for working with passionate people in dynamic and fast-paced start-ups.

“I feel very fortunate to have worked with, and learned from, founders Joakim & Kasper at Radiant. They have had a large impact on my personal and professional development and I regularly apply my past experiences at Dreamcraft Ventures.”

Foto: Lars Just

Over the last years, Mads has developed a growing interest in technology, especially in the B2B segment. Mads is no developer, far from it, but he appreciates and understands technology’s role as an enabler and as a core business driver:

“Technology is becoming an increasingly saturated part of our personal lives, so it is easy to forget how much potential and opportunity remains in the B2B space. At Radiant I was surprised by just how many businesses fail to utilize technology or are simply unable to identify the technology they need.”

At Dreamcraft, Mads brings his passion for fast-paced environments and knowledge of how to utilize technology for innovation. Mads is currently pursuing his master's degree at Copenhagen Business School in International Marketing and Management while working for the fund. He works closely with Investment Associates Henrik and Magnus to track down the best start-ups, and further expand Dreamcraft’s presence in Denmark and the larger Nordic ecosystem.

If you wish to get in touch with Mads, feel free to reach out at mads@dreamcraft.vc

Meet more of the team here:



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