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Why We Invested in Hiber

Last summer, we announced taking part in the USD 2.25m seed round in Hiber, together with our friends from SYBO (the Danish gaming studio behind Subway Surfers — the most downloaded mobile game in a decade), and several other prominent international gaming investors.

So what is Hiber?

Well, imagine Roblox and TikTok having a baby… 👶

Hiber is the next generation social gaming platform for Generation Z to express themselves through their favourite choice of media - mobile games.

Hiber’s vision is to democratise the creation of games by empowering anyone to become a game creator — without the need to code. When a game is created by a user, it can instantly be played and shared with friends by a single click of a button. The platform is tailored to meeting the demands of Gen Z of instant access, social interactions and bite-sized experiences, and built on its own proprietary game engine, uniquely positioned in the sweet spot between play, create and socialise without compromising.

Why are we so excited about this company? 🚀

Our excitement in Hiber rests on three pillars in particular:

  1. Exceptional founding team: We believe that Hiber has a world-class seasoned management team with extensive knowledge from the top-tier gaming industry in all positions — commercial, product and technical. Michael Yngfors (CEO) has led gaming teams at Sony Playstation, Mattias Johansson (CCO) has been the creative mastermind behind projects for big clients, like Volvo & Coca Cola, and Sean Kauppinen (CSMO) has performed marketing launches of +600 video games over the last 20 years. The team has been able to attract top talent from leading gaming companies, like Electronic Arts, e.g. Johan Peitz who is the VP of Product. Top investors from the gaming industry have been attracted as well, such as Matthew Wilson (ex-Rovio, the game studio behind Angry Birds), US-based Konvoy Ventures, and lately announced Eros Resmini (ex-CMO of Discord).
  2. Impressive traction in short time: The barrier-free access to play combined with social features creates an inherent virality into the product. Upon beta launch, Hiber quickly gained massive traction combined with retention and engagement metrics exceeding top-level industry standard. Now, Hiber is live with a native Android app in the Philippines as the test market.
  3. Strong value proposition in line with gaming trends in a massive market: For the 2.4 billion Gen Z audience, entertainment is a social activity and outlet for self-expression in the moment. Hiber’s value proposition is aligned with their needs and the major trend of social media and gaming starting to merge. Ten years ago, younger generations were leaving behind traditional media for social media. Today, they are leaving behind social media for the more interactive experience that gaming offers. Playing games is an inherent social experience, and game worlds are generally more immersive than social apps. Built on its own proprietary game engine, Hiber is creating a superior product that stands out of competition without compromising.

In sum, we believe Hiber is an unique opportunity to invest in a world-class team, meeting the demands of Generation Z with a clear value proposition, based on their own proprietary game engine, tapping into the latest major trends in social mobile gaming.

In collaboration with the new, strong group of investors, we believe that Hiber has the potential to become the preferred gaming platform in the world, like Roblox, who recently IPO’ed and now trades at USD 35 billion, which indicates an enormous potential.

We are very excited to partner with the whole Hiber team and are looking very much forward to be part of their journey ahead! 🙏



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Henrik Kristensen

Henrik Kristensen

Investment Associate at Bumble Ventures