Get Back To It

What to do when your dreams come crashing to a halt.

Life is going well. You’ve finally found what you are truly passionate about and are so excited to bring it out into the world. You’re gunning ahead, fires blazing, engine churning, smoke billowing, wheels spinning. Night lightens to day, day smolders to night, the rains come, the sun shines, the globe turns- but all this goes unnoticed. You are so engrossed in what you are doing that the entire world passes you by with as little as a blink. Nothing can break your focus.

Until it does.

Your wheel hits a bump in the road and you fall off the bandwagon. You crash hard, tumble around a couple of times and completely lose sight of where it was you were heading. Whether it was a discouraging comment, an unexpected change of events or one of life’s many million detours, all it takes is a single stray distraction to crumble hard work and focus.

I know because I speak from experience. I suffer from a serious condition that keeps me stuck in the mud and going absolutely nowhere –

I struggle to continue what I start.

It doesn’t matter how much I am enjoying a project or how much value I am providing to others, life tends to get away from me. My attention moves to more tangible and immediate gratifications like a good cup of chai or working for money (usually in that order).

But I don’t want to be stuck in the mud anymore. Dreamer Do is what I have begun to build, and come rain, shine, happy days and mediocre moments, I will continue what I have started. My goal is to help both my readers and I to grab hold of our dreams and fly up high with them, rather than let another opportunity float dismally away.

So if you have fallen off the bandwagon, don’t worry don’t stew. It will fling around the corner again; this much is true. And when you see it coming, gather your resolve, crouch down low to spring up high. Grab the reins and settle yourself in for one helluva ride.

Yes you will fall off again and bump a bone or ego too, but it’s whether you jump back onboard that matters the most. And each time you do, I can guarantee, you will be even more determined to make that dream a reality!

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