10 Secrets for a Successful Dreamforce from Salesforce Pros

By Sarah Boutin

When I say Dreamforce, what’s the first word that pops into your head?

Fun. Crazy. Amazing. Overwhelming. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

Yeah, it’s something like that. The world’s largest cloud computing event will take over the streets of San Francisco on October 4 for four unforgettable days filled with visionary speakers, thousands of solutions, amazing networking opportunities, and endless fun. Are you one of this year’s 170,000+ registered attendees? If so, you’re in for quite a ride … and we’ve got just the pros to help you stay in the driver’s seat.

Meet the members of Koa Club, our group of Salesforce employees who have gone the distance with the company for 10 years or more. And after a decade’s worth of Dreamforce festivities, you can bet they have a few words of wisdom for surviving and thriving at the big event.

Our Koa Clubbers overwhelmingly agree that it’s important to wear comfortable shoes — there’s a ton of walking involved. Another top tip: map out a plan in advance so you have time to see everything that’s important to you. Read on for more, and get ready for your best Dreamforce ever (and don’t worry — you can always catch the events live online).

“Take some time to explore. See all the new ideas, services, messaging, and other cool stuff we are doing. Feel the Dreamforce energy and then share it with the people you meet.” Rob Lamb, Director, Customer Evangelism

“Bring a water bottle and refill it frequently.” Nick Haber, Director, Solution Engineering

“Don’t try to do everything. Like any good festival, pick a few must-see ‘acts’ or presentations and make sure you’ve factored in the walk time and wait time to make it there.” Carl Dempsey, VP, Solution Engineering

“Make sure to tag all the sessions you want to attend in the Dreamforce app. Drinks lots of water and take lots of vitamin C … Dreamforce is a marathon, not a sprint!” Kathryn Bowen, Marketing Manager, Employee Engagement

“It’s all about portable power. Bring a USB iPhone charger or two with you, and charge them back up at night. I’ll be following my own advice this year … although I have ten Dreamforce events under my belt, I somehow still manage to run out of juice by noon every day!” Alex Zarowny, Senior Manager, Productivity

“Snacks like protein bars are key! And make sure your Uber rating is in good standing.” Nick Riitano, Senior Director, Solutions Engineering

“Make new friends! Talk to other attendees, and build your network.” Rasmus Mencke, Product Management Senior Director

“Pace yourself.” Valerie Wolloch, SVP, Solution Engineering

“Remember, you’ll be on your feet for 16 hours and will be carrying your bag everywhere, so pack light.” Ryan Aull, Customers for Life Product Director

“Wear comfortable clothing. That has to be number one. ” Jon Joseph, Director, Success Architect — Program

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Originally published at www.salesforce.com.

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