7 Reasons Developers Can’t Miss Dreamforce

By Marissa Kraines

Salesforce’s developer community has officially surpassed 2.1 million people. That’s more than twice the population of San Francisco — so it’s no surprise that the developer experience at Dreamforce has gotten bigger and better year after year. What’s more, the developer community at Dreamforce is the largest gathering of cloud developers anywhere.

Join over 20,000 developer attendees and get hands-on with leading edge cloud technologies, tools and best practices for Force.com, Heroku, and the latest Salesforce technologies.

This year, we’re taking the Developer experience to the next level. Here’s a sneak peak of what to expect in September:

1. Big-Time Keynote

Learn what the Salesforce team is working on for developers. The keynote really encompasses the entire developer platform — this is an opportunity to learn more about the elements of the platform that you have yet to learn about. There will be useful information for every level and type of developer, so everyone will learn something! This is also a must attend event to understand the developers take on some of the major Salesforce announcements you will hear at Dreamforce.

The Developer Keynote always sells out, and we want to make sure that you get a seat, so register for it now in Agenda Builder. It’s still a good idea to get there early, because you’ll want to be close enough to snag those pearls of wisdom.

2. Trailhead for the Win!

If you haven’t yet experienced Trailhead, you’re in for a treat. This year, we are gamifying the entire DevZone learning experience with Trailhead. But don’t wait until September — we are getting you started before the conference even begins! Get #DF15Ready badges and prepare your #df15 game plan with the Trailhead helpful overview and insider tips.

That’s why we’re so excited to be featuring Trailhead — a fun, free, interactive way to learn, in both the DevZone and Admin Zone at Dreamforce this year. Whether you’re at a booth, a quick start, or attending an interactive training session, you’ll learn new skills powered by Trailhead. Think of Trailhead as your map for learning Salesforce — it’s gamified, hands-on, and free! And you can keep your learning journey going long after Dreamforce is done.

Experience this new learning platform and grow your skills while having some fun!

3. Get in the Zone

Whether you are a developer, want to become one, work with developers, or just want to learn about the latest platform technologies, the DevZone is for you. Don’t let the name fool you, you don’t have to be an expert to make the most of the DevZone. In fact, the 2nd floor of Moscone West, which houses the DevZone, tends to become a home away from home for many attendees.

The level of passion and energy Salesforce developers bring to every event is larger than life. The DevZone will be filled with 20,000+ inspiring, engaging people for you to connect with.

It’s no secret that the DevZone is a great place to score free Salesforce swag. We’ll have the Developer Library again in the DevZone, so grab these tools as well as the Trailhead starter kits (book sized boxes) to walk away with unfathomable information, or go to the developer site to download online information.

The best thing about the DevZone is that over 50% of the content is delivered by the community. Drop in on one of the three theaters offering 30-minute sessions, and check out Heroku’s end-to-end customer applications. We’ll also have JAVA, Node, PHP, and Ruby experts on hand to teach attendees how to build sophisticated customer-facing apps in any language.

Don’t miss the Internet of Things (IoT) Zone, also on the 2nd FL of Moscone West for relevant Salesforce examples, real customer use cases, hands-on workshops, demos surprises, and even more giveaways!

And stay near by to mingle with other developers during Tuesday’s Developer Zone Reception from 6–8pm. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to win fun prizes!

4. Get Your Hands Dirty

Build something innovative. There’s something for everyone from beginners to experts. Get hands-on and start building apps right at Dreamforce. With topics for all skill levels, you’ll roll-up your sleeves and learn something new. We all know that hands-on experiences are some of the most rewarding experiences at Dreamforce. Many attendees want to walk away with specific solutions and knowledge they can bring directly back to their jobs. This year, there will be even more hands-on training — in fact, everything about developers is hands-on.

You’ll be able to roll up your sleeves and practice everything from Apex to Lightning with the following activities:

  • HOWs and HOTs — Hands-On Workshops (HOWs) are community lead, deep dive workshops where you build an app from Trailhead — don’t forget your laptop! Also in the DevZone will be all Developer Hands-On Trainings (HOTs) lead by certified instructors. No more treks over to the Hilton for developer HOTs! #woot
  • Quick Starts — short 15 minute intros to all the key platform features
  • Mini Hacks — fun challenges for beginners or experts that reward your new skills
  • Code Consultations — Our most popular sessions — 1:1 time with experts who’ll answer all your code, design, and career questions. Bring your 3–4 most important questions for a 15-minute appointment (sign up in Agenda Builder). These sessions don’t have the 25% reservation rule applied, so register as soon as possible!
  • And as mentioned previously, Trailhead

5. Dedicated Sessions

Discover new ideas and best practices as you choose from hundreds of sessions from Salesforce and community thought leaders. In addition to real-time demos, there will be over 270 dedicated developer sessions. These technical sessions have everything from beginner to advanced topics on application lifecycle management, integration, UX, mobile development, and more. There’s something for everyone here. All sessions will focus on tangible, practical takeaways, in code or demos, which you can start leveraging for your solutions.

In addition, more than 20 technical sessions are specifically focused on creating apps built on Heroku. Developers and IT leaders can learn how to build, scale, and deploy beautiful customer facing apps for every type of business — e-commerce, marketing, IoT…you name it. And the best part is that all of these apps are seamlessly synced to your Salesforce data on the Salesforce platform.

6. Crossover with Awesome Admin

It’s no accident that the Admin Zone is next to the DevZone. There is major crossover between Salesforce Admins and Developers. Considering the ease of creating apps with point-and-click and declarative development, many people are acting as both admins and developers for their companies.

There is a small gap between people who consider themselves developers and those who consider themselves admin — with so many synergies between the two, fill that space at Dreamforce and make additional connections. So we hope to have a steady stream of admins and developers between the zones — we can all be #AwesomeAdmins.

7. Inclusion and Diversity

Inclusion is one of our core values at Salesforce, and we are committed to creating an inclusive experience that welcomes all. Here’s some of what we have in store for you. We are honored to have eleven amazing thought leaders joining us in the DevZone at Dreamforce to share their experience, inspiration, and practical advice.

These luminaries will address two key themes:

  • Growing Developers: how to cultivate developers to meet the needs of a growing tech economy, in ways that create new job/business opportunities and add diversity to the tech workforce.
  • Workplace Inclusion: how to make a business case for diversity at work, recognize our own unconscious biases, and rethink our assumptions to make our companies more inclusive. (Includes two hands-on workshops!)

Hear from luminary speakers from organizations like Strideforce, CODE2040, and Blendoor that are changing the ratio in tech through job training, internships, and tools. Learn more here.

We’ll also have organized developer meetups with organizations like Girl Develop It, Lesbians Who Tech, and Blacks in Technology. Get to know CoderDojo and youth developer workshops, including programs with The Hidden Genius Project, Hack the Hood, and Mission Bit.

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