Agenda Builder — Dreamforce’s Secret Handshake

By Kurt Smith

Dreamforce 2015 Agenda Builder is launching and I want to give you a few insider tips on how to build a fantastic Dreamforce experience. The Agenda Builder is like a secret handshake, if you know how to use it you can unlock the doors of Dreamforce and gain access to all the wonders we have to offer. Here is how to find and book the best content out of our 1600+ sessions, 400+ theaters, 100+ hours of Hands-on Training, 75 Circles of Success, and 25 workshops.

Choose filters on the left side of the screen, or get select “expert picks” to get recommendations on the top of the screen.
  1. Filters are your friends, use them wisely — we have 17 industries, 21 roles, 20 products, 26 themes, and 3 levels for you to select and filter on. I suggest that you begin with role as this will help you find the sessions best suited for you. Then layer on those products and themes that you are interested in. Don’t forget Industry as our team has an incredible lineup of sessions and Customer Theater presentations.

2. Dreamforce is a 4 day conference — balance your schedule so that you have time to enjoy all that it has to offer. What makes Dreamforce so amazing is all the unexpected treats that we have in store for you so make sure you have time to enjoy them all. Only book 3 or 4 sessions per day so that you have time to go with the flow and enjoy those micro moments that continually pop up all over San Francisco

3. Enjoy the moment — don’t let the size and scope of Dreamforce overwhelm you. You don’t need to feel like Police Chief Brody in Jaws, “I think we’re going to need a bigger boat.” Just row in the boat you have. Embrace every moment and you will enjoy it much more than if you keep thinking you need a bigger boat.

4. Take some time, do your homework. We have more repeats this year than ever before so make sure your locate those before building your agenda

5. Use the related sessions and expert picks in selecting sessions — these are great tools that will help reduce the amount of sessions you are thinking about scheduling

6. Don’t forget that we block 25% of all seats (Except for HoTs and a few workshops) for walk-ins so you should almost always be able to get into any sessions that you can’t reserve a seat

7. Use Chatter to talk to our session owners. Chatter is enabled in every session record so ask questions, request a copy of the presentation, and begin a dialogue with our session owners.

And finally, I want you to go see something that has nothing to do with your job or industry. For example, we have 75 sessions in our Emerging Trends theme on IoT, Wearables, Storytelling, Science Fiction, Innovator’s dilemmas plus our unbelievable lineup of Innovation speakers. If you are not a Developer, go to the Dev Zone, if you are not a Marketer, go to the Marketing Zone. These all add to the incredible, crazy, intense, unpredictable experience that is Dreamforce. On behalf of our 4000+ speakers, session owners, and content leaders I wish you a wonderful Dreamforce.

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