#DF15Emerging: Emerging Technology Trends at Dreamforce ‘15

By Karthik Chakkarapani, Practice Director, Salesforce Services

Today’s enterprises need to connect & engage with customers, partners and employees in new ways. In the age of rapid rise of emerging digital ecosystems, the key to success for enterprises is to leverage the right technology solutions and capabilities to create the value, capture the value and operationalize to implement successfully. At this year’s Emerging Trends track, we have lined up 40+ sessions on 5 themes. Please join us to hear from industry visionaries, thought leaders, our customers and partners who will be sharing their perspectives and success stories on how they are leveraging Salesforce technology solutions and capabilities to drive value, transformation and innovation. Check out 4 Perfect Days for Emerging Trends.

Kurt Smith, Sr. Director, Event Content Strategy, speaks on the Emerging Trends Track on the Road to Dreamforce series

We will be kicking off the #EmergingTrends track with a keynote session on September 16th 10 AM. Industry visionaries and thought leaders Peter Coffee, Peter Schwartz, Charlie Isaacs will share their perspectives on emerging trends and digital eco-systems in this keynote and also in their breakout sessions. Join leading emerging technology trends thought leader Dion Hinchcliffe to hear on how vital trends in digital and social will impact your business in 2015 & beyond.


How is the world of digital changing? Two forces are changing how we work and win in the market: data and design. On this theme, we’ll explore how data is enabling a new generation of business innovation with emerging leaders like Lyft, Bond and Casper, and how smart, user-centered design empowers users to do and get what they need, faster, better, easier and more delightfully. Learn why management-consulting firms are buying or building design studios, and how the most established industries like higher education are reinventing the student experience for the 21st century.


Innovation is defining the modern enterprise. Companies must continually pivot and seek ways to create new ideas, change direction and remain competitive. “The Innovation Organization” Is a hands-on experiential track that will allow participants to leave with the building blocks to disrupt how their teams, business models, companies and industries approach Innovation. We will also explore where Salesforce can play a role in this transition. Focus areas include: (1) how to build and maintain a culture of innovation, (2) new metrics to track innovation success, (3) non-linear methods for driving innovation, (4) visual based storytelling and lastly (5) creating an innovation eco-system beyond your own organization. Our speakers for this theme are from Salesforce Innovation & Strategy team.

Shared Services & Social Care

Organizations are looking to transform employee engagement and support as a strategic approach to driving both employee productivity and retention. Today’s employees expect instant, personalized, and effortless service from their shared services. Join us to hear from our customers like Biogen, Eurostar, Coca-Cola, EMC and Deloitte on how you can leverage Salesforce to drive and transform shared services.

Social Media has been the most disruptive consumer behavior impacting the Engagement Center experience since email. Last year many industries saw over 100% growth in their social support channels creating incredible challenges for customer experience executives. Fortunately, Salesforce has the pleasure of presenting a distinguished panel of true visionaries in Social Customer Service. Hear how KLM generates revenues of over $170,000 a year from each of their 150 social care agents. Listen to AT&T discuss how they’ve scaled their program to over 1 million social engagements in the past 12 months. Lastly, learn how Fedex spearheaded a cultural change throughout the organization by listening and responding on the customer’s turf in social media.

Connected Enterprise & Internet of Things

Accelerated by advances in enabling technologies — including the Internet of Things, remote monitoring, mobility, and wearable technology — the Connected Enterprise is a more competitive enterprise. It creates tremendous opportunities for those taking advantage and notable risk for those not preparing a strategic response. Explore how our customers and partners like Cisco, New England Biolabs, Xively, Libelium, Logmein, Thingworx, Global Logic, Bosch Software, Direct Energy Solar, HP, Jarden, and SATO are evolving their own products, services and operations and helping their customers join the connected revolution by leveraging wearable technology and the Internet of Things. Charlie Isaacs is leading the IoT Keynote Session.

Learn about the innovative ideas you’ll see at Dreamforce with Charlie Isaacs, COO, Internet of Things, and Lindsey Irvine, Director, Business Development & Strategic Initiatives from the Road to Dreamforce series.

Join our panelist of customers and partners led by Peter Coffee and moderated by Dipen Dhruv as they discuss and explore new and meaningful ecosystems and business models enabled by the power of Insights. Learn and hear as they explore answers to the key question “Is the IoT enabling the Era of Precision Management?” Then, check out Lindsey Irvine and John Brunswick as they lead a session on The Connected Enterprise, and will show the Power of Wearables & IoT, in action, in the Workplace.

Digital Supply Chain

Do you have a digital strategy for your supply chain? What does IoT mean and how can you leverage it to increase revenue or decrease cost for your business? Come join us to hear from industry thought leaders like A.T.Kearney, Docusign & Apttus on what digitization & IoT means to the supply chain, participate in an interactive demo of predictive machine learning & see how it recommends your products to buyers in real time, and attend a demo of CRM for the Buy-side on Salesforce & WAVE!

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