Dreamforce Pro Tips: 6 Tips for Staying Healthy

By Marissa Kraines

The best about Dreamforce is that it is four days of amazing learning and networking. This can also be the most challenging aspect — taking full advantage of the event requires you to stay in top form. Not taking care of yourself both physically and mentally can hurt your ability to maximize the impact of the event. That is why we are sharing some tips to keep physically and emotionally healthy.

1. Get Sleep

We get it, there’s a ton to do at Dreamforce — all day and every night. But be sure to prioritize a healthy amount of sleep so that you have energy to take in all the conference has to offer.

2. Keep Your Rituals

We all have our routines that we do for ourselves: making a proper cup of tea, singing in the shower, taking a long walk. If you are away from home, practice doing at least one thing for yourself each day that makes you happy.

3. Take a “Time Out”

Dreamforce can be mentally exhausting. You are actively listening, recording, critiquing, debating, synthesizing, and contextualizing for hours on end. It’s a lot of mental activity. Give yourself a break. Have an impromptu dance party. Take a bath. Meditate. Simply, turn off your brain for even a few minutes, and you’ll come back refreshed and ready to roll.

4. Eat Smart

First off, don’t forget to eat. You need food to stay energized. Secondly, be careful what you eat — sugary food, super heavy meals, and the like will weigh you down and put you to sleep before midday! And WATER! Sorry, didn’t mean to yell, but it is super important to hydrate — it really makes a difference.

5. Take a Stretch Break

Staying still too long can be bad for your circulation, so move wherever you can and take a stretch break. It can also help keep you alert and engaged.

6. Experience the Outdoors

While many of your sessions may be in the same location, sitting inside artificially lit conference rooms all day long is not the healthiest environment. Take breaks to get outside, get some fresh air, check out additional locations on campus, and, of course, socialize! Recharge your batteries before going back inside.

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