Launched at Dreamforce ‘15: The Technical Architect Academy

Five Reasons Why It’s So Great

Oct 21, 2015 · 4 min read

By Jennifer Weldy

Dreamforce ’15 was overwhelmingly full. Full with amazing keynotes, sessions, networking and most of all announcements of new offerings. If you didn’t attend you may have missed the biggest news of all, the launch of the new Technical Architect Academy from Salesforce University.

Why is this a big deal? Because finally, after years of waiting and lots of customer feedback, we have a program in place that will help you prepare for the ultimate, the Grand Poobah if you will, of Salesforce certifications, the Certified Technical Architect.

The Salesforce Certified Technical Architect (CTA) is a highly acclaimed title, which only 182 people in the world can claim to hold. In years past, the process for attaining the title was long and arduous. You basically were a Salesforce Ninja with lots of experience in all areas of Salesforce. You worked on numerous projects of varying complexities crisscrossing the globe. And on top of that you networked and pleaded with your peers, who had gone through the review board before, for nuggets of information to help you pass. Oh, and we didn’t offer any materials or courses to help you prepare for it either, so figuring out what topics to study was all on you. Now, with the Technical Architect Academy, you can prepare for the CTA while at the same time capturing domain specializations and architect expertise. It takes you through nine domain learning paths; and if you complete all nine paths you’ll be über-prepared to sit the CTA review board.

Here are our top 5 reasons why this program is so great.

  1. It was created under the guidance and expertise of our Program Architect community, a group of Salesforce Certified Technical Architects committed to building and guiding an ecosystem of experts. That means you will learn directly from the best, the folks who have already achieved this masterful title.
  2. You will increase your expertise in your domain specialty. Show off what you know and be the first on the block with the new certification. The learning paths take you through nine domain specializations which include:
  • Apex and Visualforce Architecture
  • Application Architecture
  • Communities Architecture
  • Data Architecture and Management
  • Development Lifecycle and Deployment
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Integration Architecture
  • Mobile Strategy Architecture
  • Sharing and Visibility

​The choice is yours if you want to complete all nine, or just the domain(s) in your area of interest. But if you’re super eager and progress through all nine domains you’ll be well prepared to sit for the Salesforce Certified Technical Architect review board.

3. New certifications are en route. Just in case the twelve that exist today weren’t enough for you, soon we’ll be adding domain certifications to the Salesforce Certification program. There’s no better way to prove your domain expertise than to attain the certification for it.

4. Say goodbye to time away from office, or your loved ones, attending training classes that aren’t on your time. These learning packages are delivered via self-paced study books with curated content and exercise guides that you can consume on your own time on your desktop or your preferred device.

5. Did we mention that this program is the ultimate preparation to sit for the Certified Technical Architect review board? Just thought we’d throw that one out there again.

Learn more about how you can access all the great learning available in the Technical Architect Academy here, and buy your learning package before our special Dreamforce pricing expires on October 31st.

Can’t wait for additional learnings at Dreamforce ’16, October 4–7 in San Francisco!?

Pre-Register for Dreamforce ’16. Lock in the lowest price, $999 for a short time only. Pre-register now and we’ll contact you with more details when it’s time to complete your registration.

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