Dreamfuel Announces New Privacy Feature for Campaigns

Nicole, the CTO of Dreamfuel, here. After the recent launch of a new Dreamfuel campaign, our CEO Emily mentioned to me that this athlete raising funds with us had some privacy concerns about the way their goal and the amount raised towards it were displaying to the public. So, we put our heads together and designed a solution to protect our users’ financial privacy above and beyond the secure encryption of the site itself and our top-notch payment processor.

It’s so important for users to feel confident in the security of their data, particularly when there’s money involved. We already use Stripe to process all payments, which allows us to not ever have to store users’ financial data, and the entire site hosting our primary tool at dreamfuel.me is secured with SSL to help keep passwords and those payment calls to Stripe nice and encrypted.

Starting today and going forward, all new campaigns created on Dreamfuel will have the option to display the amount raised as a percentage, rather than with any dollar amounts. Here, I’ve attached an example of what this looks like on a sample campaign that has “raised" $300 out of $3000.

You can see this in feature in action right now, for the final stretch of Breeja Larson’s Dreamfuel campaign to Attend Arena Pro Swim Series and other competitions nationwide.

Thanks to all of our users, athletes and supporters alike, for inspiring us to #DreamBig and create new solutions for you to fundraise sustainably and happily with Dreamfuel!

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