Top 125 Worst to Best YouTubers

YouTube is a place where everyone tries to be popular. Most Kids try to be popular but they always fail only getting small 2-digit subs. I have looked everywhere to complete my Top 125 Worst to Best YouTubers list. So here we go!

125. ChazizYT — No. Just no.

If you are a random person playing on Doomspire Brickbattle and you see your base being destroyed even though your rivals didn’t do that. Look at the player list. See a OBC icon and ChazizYT? He’s streaming this junk on his channel. Thanks to YouTube. Different users that uses the name Chaziz appears. Killing any chance of attention. Even this kid was able to be featured in GroovyDominoes52’s 2nd Roblox Evolution Video.

124. Comment Awards — Did you mean Twitter and Reddit Awards?

There we go… Anyways. It says Comment Awards. However only YouTube comments appear in older editions of Comment Awards which are on Cowbelly. Now no longer active. Cowbelly was able to make this stuff popular so there are many knock offs doing it. All of which are the same quality as Comment Awards.

123. Troom Troom — DIWhy Pranks for Girls That No One Does

Bad new Troom Troom. This channel is a terrible mess of clickbait and newer videos don’t reach 60FPS. They reach 50FPS. Guess they want to make it look better on PAL? Actors being tortured for a 8.4 Million channel. How much people do these pranks? No one.

122. 5-Minutes Crafts Kids — Kids won’t give a potato!

It’s out of date. Kids now-a-days are now into shitty (Achievement Complete: First Swear Word on this post) memes. This channel is for parents that have toddlers.

121. Nursery rhymes for children & baby songs — kids learning colors, shapes, ABCs & more — 5-Minutes Crafts Nursery Rhymes

The fuck? The weird character is a slime. More on that later. It’s a toddler version of Slick Slime Sam. Which i already said more on that later. This one at least does a good job but still ranks lower since YouTube is not meant for toddlers.

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