Dreamit EdTech — Spring 2016 Cohort

101 is a mobile-first platform with revolutionary interactive design that makes it more effective for college-level students to learn critical problem solving skills in STEM subjects such as chemistry, physics, and calculus. Our vision is to be the learning platform for these students whether they’re in class learning the concepts or they’re at home doing problems or preparing for an exam. Website

CampusESP is a strategic parent and family engagement platform enabling institutions to keep the most important influencers of their students informed — parents. From impacting enrollment, to student success, to annual giving — keeping parents effectively engaged has proven to be critical for institutions looking to better support their institutional goals. Deployed at schools like Penn State, CampusESP gives helicopter parents a place to land. Website

PeopleGrove is a SaaS platform for companies and schools to foster professional networks in their communities, enhance career outcomes and create a culture of giving back. School such as Stanford and USC pay PeopleGrove to match students with alumni mentors. Meanwhile, companies like Intuit license PeopleGrove software to drive powerful connections and mentorship to catalyze collaboration and inclusion in their organizations, particularly among Millennial hires. Website

Lessoncast is a teacher learning platform. Schools spend over $8 billion every year on teacher training, but they have little evidence to show it’s making a difference for teachers and students. Unlike current professional development that is one-size-fits-all and irrelevant for most teachers, Lessoncast more effectively leverages the $8 billion spent annually on teacher education and development. Lessoncast is used by over 10K teachers; school districts in MD, NY, NJ, and FL; and teachers colleges like Towson University and Rider University, major teacher producers for their region. Website

Prompt makes people better writers through personalized feedback. We do this in two ways: (1) writing feedback, grading, and analytics tools used by universities and K-12 that are 40% faster than Word or Google Docs plus provide educators with detailed writing analytics, and (2) a 24/7 Virtual Writing Center where students can access affordable feedback on the content and structure of their writing from Prompt’s global network of specialists. Website

Ruvna allows schools to locate and account for their students in real-time during an emergency. When there is an emergency in a school, it’s incredibly difficult and time-consuming to identify which students are safe and which students need attention. Ruvna solves this problem in an amazingly simple way. By simply having teachers indicate which students they have, Ruvna shows administrators and law enforcement immediately which students need attention. Website

Study Abroad Apartments is a marketplace that helps thousands of students, interns, and young professionals from around the world get apartments abroad. The platform enables landlords and agencies to rent apartments to the mid to long term market, in a secure, transparent, and convenient way. The company streamlines the process from end-end by offering verified payment methods, roommate payment splitting, and recurring rent transactions. Website

StudyTree is the first business model is a mobile platform that connects students for peer tutoring. StudyTree takes 10% of what tutors charge students. The 3rd party payment system enables parents and organizations to sponsor students by putting funds on the app. The second model enables universities to put their certified tutors on the app, streamlining the traditional tutoring center — This uses a sliding scale, monthly subscription fee based model. Website

Tassl creates centralized software and mobile solutions to inform, connect, and engage alumni networks with the purpose of strengthening University communities and identify alumni engagement trends. Tassl is the most comprehensive technology solution for alumni engagement, which is achieved through a focus on non-traditional engagement to encourage a culture of appreciation and connection earlier in the alumni life-cycle. Website

University Beyond is a recruitment and management platform for on-campus internships and brand ambassador programs. University Beyond helps big brands like Amazon, Starbucks, DirecTV, and over 150 more recruit and manage their college brand ambassadors. Additionally, they provide employers an all-inclusive dashboard for task management, communication, and payment processing. Website