Dreamit Health — Spring 2016 Cohort

Addicaid is an affordable, individualized addiction treatment model that includes peer/professional support, interactive worksheets, meeting directories, and resources that help members improve their chances of a lasting recovery. The service is not meant to replace existing support options available to patients and families but to work in conjunction with these services, making traditional methods more effective. Website

Admetsys was formed to explore the next generation of metabolic regulation technology: patient-adaptive learning algorithms, coupled with counterbalancing treatment. The union of these with automated blood glucose measurement and state-of-the-art visualization has created a transformative product, specifically tailored to the hospital and surgical care market. With strong clinical trial results, the company is preparing for commercialization. Website

Cellepathy leverages artificial intelligence and mobile sensor data to solve connected-car problems. Its first solution is a distracted driving risk management platform that lets employers define the way their employees can use smartphones behind the wheel. The company’s second product is an algorithmic engine that fixes the UX of navigation systems by personalizing turn-by-turn instructions based on each driver’s history and preferences. Website

CircleLink Health helps doctors earn up to $10B+ of preventative Medicare payments by engaging their patients between office visits, enabling proactive care vs. traditional reactive care. Our care coaches help patients follow their providers’ care plans leading to improved patient outcomes. Since launching sales in August we’ve signed practices covering >65,000 Medicare patients and averaged over 30% monthly growth since billing our first $1,000 MRR month in November 2015. We use an outsourced sales force of nearly 400 reps who are paid after we are. For clinical services, we have aggregated a network of remote registered nurses who act as care coaches. They use our secure software and scripted engagement techniques to work from home when their schedule allows. Website

DNAsimple allows patients or anyone to contribute to scientific studies and provides a much-needed service for genomics labs — the opportunity to order DNA samples from any demographic. Donors sign up on our database and we collect their health history; researchers bring their population requirements to us and we make the match and deliver the DNA samples, all for half the cost of creating and managing an in-house genomic sample bank. Website

Inquisithealth facilitates and scales one-to-one phone conversations between patients with serious medical conditions. We are taking a different approach to populating our exchange by bringing online and inter-connecting the patient communities that already exist in the offline world. Patient support foundations and hospitals pay us an annual subscription and licensing fee for our white label solution. Website

Kermit saves hospital systems millions of dollars annually on orthopedic, spine and cardiovascular Physician Preference Items by performing audit and compliance of vendor-submitted invoices. Kermit reveals cost saving opportunities by turning case-level data into actionable analytics. With hospitals averaging an annual 30% over-spend in this category, Kermit delivers immediate savings through automation and the expertise of medical device reps. Website

Keriton is a HIPAA-compliant + FHIR-ready Pumped Breast Milk Management system for Neonatal ICUs (NICUs) with following features: 1. Automated inventory management 2. Emulation of natural stimuli for lactating mothers 3. Workflow notifications & alerts 4. Production analytics dashboard for lactation experts 5. Chat platform for NICU nurses, lactation experts and mothers. Website

MedAware utilizes big data analytics and advanced machine learning to transform large-scale medical data into actionable clinical knowledge. The first application of this technology identifies and alerts on prescription errors in real time, dramatically reducing healthcare costs while improving patient safety, outcomes, and experience. Additionally, based on its unique approach, MedAware is now introducing a suite of patient-centered decision support solutions capable of identifying outliers in treatment, evaluating personal risk and predicting treatment outcomes for patients, physicians, healthcare providers, and insurance companies. Website

MedStack enables the creation of powerful, integrated, compliant patient-centric healthcare apps at 1/3 the typical cost and development time. We reduce the burden of achieving data integration, security and compliance via a healthcare-targeted cloud service, database and workflow building blocks, accessed via monthly subscription. MedStack is in closed Beta, and supported by a network of compliance, integration and development partners.Website

Neofluidics offers simplified microfluidic tools for drug discovery and research. Their flagship product, the NeoPlate™, has dramatically transformed the well plate — a device that is common in every laboratory and that has not changed in over 50 years. Neofluidics’ ground-breaking microfluidics platform converts the well plate into a smart device that automatically controls fluid dispensing, dilutions, and single cell capture, while easily integrating with current liquid handling sytems used in the industry. Website

Prevnos is a cancer diagnostics company that uses simple “colored dots” to characterize cancer genes in cells. We operate in 4 segments: consumables, capital equipment, software, and clinical trials. Our tests are highly reimbursable, and our end-users include CLIA-certified testing labs, big pharma companies, high-complexity genetics labs, cytogenetics facilities, and clinical research organizations. Website

Somatix is a B2B2C company formed to expedite the inclusion of preventative behavioral health methods into existing healthcare systems. We serve health-insurance companies, clinics, and employers. Our first product, SmokeBeat, is a data-analytics software platform that works with standard smartwatches to identify when users smoke and take them through an effective smoking cessation process based on Cognitive Behavioral Treatment methodology. Website

Suggestic helps individuals revert type 2 diabetes through epigenetic lifestyle interventions. What Can I Eat? Where Can I Eat? Desire to be healthy comes naturally. Choosing the right meal is hard. Our self-learning chatbot provides healthy meal recommendations for cooking at home or eating out at nearby restaurants taking into account user’s context which leads to better adherence and outcomes — a million recipes and evidence-based diets. Users subscribe to one or more diet plans in the app to see recommendations that meet plan/goals. Website

Wellth helps insurers and risk-bearing healthcare providers better understand their populations, improve customer health and retention, and lower costs, through a mobile first, financial incentive focused platform. Our healthcare system is undergoing a paradigm shift to value based care. However, it will not be successful if patients themselves do not get the adequate incentives to buy-in. Wellth provides financial incentives to the most costly chronic disease patients for establishing evidence based healthy habits and meeting quantifiable health goals. Website