My Time at Dreamit

I finished up my 10-week internship at Dreamit, a startup accelerator focused on health and edtech, this past Friday. I loved working at Dreamit. In my time as an intern, I had tons of opportunities to learn, grow, and have fun. In this post, I will show you how Dreamit helped me become a better marketer, taught me lots of information about venture capital and tech accelerators, and equipped me with general like skills I can apply to jobs in the future.

I hope that by the end of this post you’ll want to work as a Dreamit intern and consider applying for a position during the fall, spring, or summer. Here are just a few of the highlights from my time as a Dreamit intern:

1. I worked with smart, engaging, and dedicated co-workers.

Everyone at Dreamit has two goals: to help the startups that go through the program succeed and to provide excellent financial returns to the fund’s backers in the process. Dreamit employees work tirelessly to reach and beat those goals. They’re smart and know how to help startups and generate good returns.

At Dreamit, I had an opportunity to work closely with talented and successful people Avi Savar, Seth Berk, Andrew Ackerman, Charles LaCalle, Bryan Adler, Sarah Milewski, and the other interns (Ian Sherman and Scott Rubinstein) working at Dreamit’s NYC office. I worked alongside teammates of a very high caliber, and this pushed me to be better at my job.

Seth Berk (Dreamit’s CMO) and Charles LaCalle(Dreamit’s Community Manager) were my bosses. They pushed me to do great work, helped me learn new skills, taught me lots about VC and startup recruiting, provided excellent feedback and suggestions on my projects, and were fun and supportive as well. I’ll definitely miss Seth’s recaps of Game of Thrones episodes on Monday mornings(where the inspiration for the title of this article originated) and how he implored us to watch Silicon Valley (the HBO show).

When you work with amazing people, you can accomplish amazing things. If you work at Dreamit, you will work with incredible people and accomplish big things.

2. I met lots of startup founders and had the chance to help them.

Dreamit accelerated 25 startups while I was an intern. Some of these startups worked out of and around Dreamit’s NYC office. I had a chance to interact with Dreamit’s portfolio companies every day, which was interesting and lots of fun. The Dreamit founders I interacted with were singularly focused on building and growing world-changing startups. They hustled every day to close deals, improve their products, and take their startups to the next level. Watching Dreamit’s cohort companies work and persevere inspired and motivated me everyday.

In my marketing role at Dreamit, I also had an opportunity to interact with the startups I recruited to apply for the accelerator program. Speaking with founders, hearing about their challenges and successes, and telling them how Dreamit would help their startups achieve their goals was amazing.

At some point soon, I plan to found and run my own startup. Being in the thick of things with so many innovative, high-growth startups at Dreamit helped me better understand what it’s like to run a startup and the challenges I will face. After working and interacting with so many startups and founders at Dreamit, I now feel more ready to found my own company and turn it into a success.

3. I learned that sourcing good deals is the most important part of being a successful venture capitalist.

I worked at Dreamit for ten weeks. For seven of those ten weeks, Dreamit was accepting applications for the next cohort of our accelerator. Most of my marketing and business development work during those seven weeks was to get as many high-quality education and health startups to apply to the program as possible.

Dreamit, like all other venture capital firms and tech accelerators, lives and dies by the companies it funds and accelerates. If Dreamit funds and accelerates amazing companies, it does well and everyone is happy. In its close to ten year history, Dreamit has funded world-class startups and seen great success as a result.

Sourcing deals and having good relationships with founders is the most important part of venture capital.

While Dreamit has been successful as an accelerator and VC fund, the search for the next great tech startup never stops. A lot of work goes into recruiting and sourcing excellent startups. You need to build relationships with founders, encourage other VC’s to refer startups to your program, and create a compelling program with a strong track record. Dreamit has done all of those things really well and will continue to excel at them.

The lesson here is there’s a lot of work that goes into running a venture capital fund or tech accelerator besides giving companies money. Every great venture capital firm and tech accelerator invests tons of time and money to have the opportunity to fund amazing companies.

Dreamit has accelerated and funded tons of amazing startups like SeatGeek, LevelUp, BioBots, Adaptly, Elevate, Biomeme, and more. From my time spent recruiting the next great Dreamit portfolio companies, I now know that it’s a privilege to fund amazing companies and watch them grow.

4. I had complete autonomy and ownership over my work.

Seth and Charles (my bosses) gave me complete autonomy and ownership over my work. They assigned me projects and expected I would complete them without many problems. By giving me this freedom, Seth and Charles also gave me the ability to do my best work in the most efficient way possible.

When I finished a project or had an idea, Seth and Charles listened to me, gave me feedback, and then let me run with it. I wrote content for social media and the blog, updated the website, and set up partnerships without any bottlenecks. The trust my bosses had in me and my work felt good and gave me the confidence to market Dreamit successfully.

Most interns and plenty of full-time employees at other companies aren’t given the autonomy I had as an intern at Dreamit. I am grateful for this autonomy because it allowed me to make a meaningful impact at the company in just 10 weeks.

5. I improved my existing marketing skills and learned plenty of new ones.

I came into my internship at Dreamit with lots of content marketing and social media experience. In the 10 weeks I spent at Dreamit, I improved my content marketing and social media skills. I learned how to add tons of engaging images to blog posts and articles, practiced promoting my content through email outreach and Quuu, and improved my ability to write. On the social media end of things, Seth and Charles taught me how to make Tweets more engaging with emojis, get more Retweets, and use Twitter ads effectively.

At Dreamit I also learned more about the effectiveness of huge cold email campaigns and how to set them up, how to propose and set up partnerships, and the importance of building one-on-one relationships in venture capital.

Thanks to my time at Dreamit, I now have an array of marketing, sales, and business development skills I can bring to the next projects I work on and companies I work for. I am so grateful for my time at Dreamit and everything I learned while I worked there.

You Should Apply to Intern at Dreamit

Dreamit is always looking for bright, hard-working interns who are interested in startups and venture capital. You can work for Dreamit as a full-time intern in the summer or work as a part-time intern during the school year. If you want to learn new skills, grow your network, and see what it’s like to run a tech accelerator and work in venture capital, you should apply to Dreamit today. To apply for Dreamit’s internship program, please send an email to Mike Rinkunas with your resumé and cover letter attached in the email.