Sacred Sexual Romance Nonfiction

About Wild Love Holy Island, Collection

A short memoir of sacred sexuality romances on a spiritual island

Lalita Janette
Lalita Janette


Image by Khusen Rustamov from Pixabay

A few years back, I was abandoned by the man. Feeling deadly hurt jolted me out of a slumber and surrendered to something greater than myself. I kneeled and prayed.

Yet to my surprise, I discovered a mysterious spiritual island that held sacred sexual secrets.

I emerged into ancient knowledge, making love to the Lord, and worshiping with my pleasure moaning.

My naked body is an offering, devoted to Shiva in all kinds of human forms.

A reborn wild woman raised from ashes like a phoenix love fearlessly attached to nothing.

This is my temple. Come naked, let me worship you.

This collection of romances will stripe away the love condition and remind you of the significance of love and the richness of life.

The journey of one from head to heart, the short distance may take a lifetime.

In the name of love.

*The name of places and people have been changed for privacy reasons.

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Sacred Sexual Romance Nonfiction on Wild Love Holy Island

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Lalita Janette
Lalita Janette

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