And Other Songs



When you’re looking up at me, eyes bluer than the sky
And my manhood on your lips, resting tender for a moment
The world dissolves into nothing and the passion burns brighter than a wildfire in July.

No time to wonder about the rest, your woman or my man. They sleep soundly back at home.
We know the score — no questions, no answers, no one but us.

And maybe its a sin, and maybe we’re wrong, but morality was left at the door.
Now you’re on me, at my neck with kisses softer than heaven and sweeter than sin.

Minutes tick past in a rhythm we match as our bodies entwine.
There is no knowing of where you and and I begin, unhinged fantasy comes to life as we reach the peak of ecstasy.

More than pleasure slides down your throat unlike the truth you cannot swallow.
The final touch, a handshake, filled with more longing, a wish to be free left unfulfilled.

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