Dreams to Life | Day 1 — Put On The New Man | On Divine/Divining Mind.

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Song of the Moment: quiet simplicity | Spoken Word(s) of the Moment: even the most exacting of waves

“And be renewed in the spirit of your mind;And that ye put on the new man…”Biblical poetry and metaphor from Ephesians 4

i pen little love poems and treatises to my Honey, trying to see things clearly, and they are so very decidedly verbose. these most likely need to be redirected. so here i am, again. ❤

there are always things i don’t know or will never know
 how can we truly know what’s in another’s heart?
 — i do know nothing is ever lost or hidden in Divine Mind.

what “hu-man” can truly be trusted? man is like the gale force, like the fragility of air, of a moment, like nature. we bend and bow and break sometimes. still, we love each other. and we know that nothing is ever truly lost or hidden in Divine Mind.

we sit a while and we know that tree that began as a root and a small nib of a trunk stays in the same spot moment after moment, year after year. until it doesn’t. indelible, until it’s not. or until we forget. or until our bodies fall away. yet the trace, memory, the love of it remains. we keep it alive with the love and magic we create. we keep it aloft.

we almost trip and fall in the well but we don’t. we know its proper place, we know it provides sustenance, we have found a way/ways just for today, to utilize it as such.

And so we reach across the well, we make our way around the well, and we cover the ground with shelter and foundations — and we try again and we know that__

all is love, safety, protection, abundance, spirit, momentum, growth, forward progress. and we know all will continue to be well. we know that just as Gaia loves us, we extend that love.that is our true vocation and it is something we are *incapable* of doing wrong. that is to day, we are love incarnate, and everything we do therein is as right as we can know it to be.

there is grace and mercy in that — you may not realize or see it in me — however, i am unspeakably grateful in that. i am doing my best to try to show you — i know there’s always room (and bloom) for improvement.

thanks for your patience.


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Seattle-Based, Jianda Monique is a musician, artist coach, newbie coder, data wrangler, writer, and so much more . She’s collaborated with acclaimed artists such as Tycho (“Dive”) and her music has been featured on many labels, including Om/Om’s seminal Om Lounge 10 releases.

For the last little while, Jianda’s been creating anywhere from 1–5 songs, prose and spoken word ideas…per day! She will be sharing some of these releases throughout this blogging journey. She’s open to networking, creative coaching and project opportunities, and contract/freelance opportunities @LinkedIn.

Caveats regarding this series in particular: at times I disregard/break grammar rules (see Jack Kerouac’s manifesto), and I may also go back and add/remove things from pieces in these series. Often, I will post a draft that does not yet feel completely finished to me, in order to encourage myself to keep writing, and not to have to “do things perfectly,” and stay productive. I will do my best to add #wip and /or #iamwriting hashtags to indicate this. We live in the age of the living document. C’est les mots.

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