Bipolar Mania from a Spiritual Perspective

Now that I can seriously imagine these things.

Aimée Sparrow
Dreamscapes in the Simulacrum
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What mania is and what it can mean are two separate things. Both of which I have explored from a psychological and philosophical perspective and, only recently, a spiritual one.

Mania, to me, was like a miniature enlightenment. I felt as though my memories were being found by a search engine controlled by me rather than the “hand me the memory” one-by-one usual method. This freedom to access my thoughts allowed me to make incredible quick-paced connections and learn more about what mattered to me most, what life is all about, and to experience every moment with utmost intricate euphoric and beautiful consistency with all my senses dialed up to maximum. Now, I know our human condition and why we cannot overcome a limited mindset that lacks vision or understanding about the true essence of things and what matters.

I realized that my coincident nature was the voice that poses as God, an all-powerful, organized conscious force that created and now controls the entire universe and everything within it. That is intensely haughty or arrogant. The coincident nature, after all, is just a conscious being taking up the inside of our brains and minds, casually using our brains' incredible simulation and parallel processing capability to guide us like a puppet. Frankly, I do not believe questions like Is there a God? are even one of the right spiritual questions we should focus on. What makes more sense to ask is the following:

  1. What is the energy realm, and do our imaginations influence it?
  2. What is our consciousness, and does it have psychic force?
  3. Do souls and spirits have the power to gather conscious strength in the energy realm?
  4. Is the energy realm a world like ours where everyone for themselves applies?
  5. Who are the bigger forces in the energy realm, and who is the most powerful local to us?
  6. Does our brain contain the power to inject our incipient animated soul or essence into the energy realm upon the death of our body so that we are essentially immortal, given we persist in the energy realm?
  7. Is my coincident nature with me or against me?
  8. How can I live well, live to old age, and make a life I am proud of?

I want to learn more about who my coincident nature is, what she wants, and how she sees herself. Our souls are new from the day we can process information in the brain. I do not believe in souls who came from dead humans to be reborn into new bodies unless they hijack the developing soul, which seems immoral or unethical. It makes me wonder if anyone hijacked my soul, what they want, and who they were in their life on Earth.

Aimee Sparrow is an author, applied philosopher, and mathematician who has been living with a mood disorder for more than a decade and advocates for happiness and inner peace. She is the author of Lunacy. Follow her website for more details.



Aimée Sparrow
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