How To Get Better In Apex Legends In 2020
Jan 28, 2020 · 5 min read

Long-time players of a Battle Royale game often fall into a familiar pattern. Essentially, there is a skill level where a lot of players end up plateauing. This leads to not particularly improving from game to game, and the time you spend feeling less fulfilling than it previously did. This can happen with just about any game, from Fortnite to Call of Duty. In a game like Apex Legends, where you’ll settle into maining a specific character, it can be particularly frustrating. If you feel like you’ve hit a limit of improving in Apex Legends, there are a few things you can do. However, you may have to adjust the way that you play.

Close the door behind you

Using the map to your advantage in any battle royale is the key to victory. In Apex Legends, that means closing doors behind you.

Many players forget to close the door, which makes it all the easier for enemies to engage you from outside. If you want to pop a heal or stay safer while looting, it’s important to remember to shut the door behind you upon entering a building. You wouldn’t leave the front door to your house wide open, would you?

Build muscle memory to get better at Apex Legends when aiming

One of the most important things you need to get better at Apex Legends is muscle memory. This is a memory that helps you perform moves faster than other players or those new to the game. Everyone with experience playing games has built some muscle memory. This is part of the reason games stick to familiar control layouts; working against muscle memory isn’t great for players. However, in shooters, recognizing and working on muscle memory is vital for improvement.

Improving your muscle memory will give you greater control over your movement and aim. Pro players with a lightning-fast aim can click onto another player so quickly because of their muscle memory. It allows them to move their cursor around in a natural way, that doesn’t force them to think about aiming. If you want to get better at Apex Legends, then this is vital. To improve muscle memory, make sure you are doing these things:

- Set the correct sensitivity — having the correct sensitivity settings is important to getting better at Apex Legends. Once you’ve found the sensitivity settings that work for you, you need to stick with them. You can’t develop muscle memory if your movements result in different actions on screen.

- Learn to Track Players — Learning to track players as they move will allow you to make better shots. This is going to take some time to perfect. You can do this with friends in the new Apex Legends’ “Training Ground.”

- Practice — Getting enough practice is key to building muscle memory. You have to make yourself repeat similar movements to ingrain them as natural responses. You can do this by using the same sensitivity settings and getting in more firefights.

How to move faster in Apex Legends

As in other battle royale games, speed is crucial in . When you’re sprinting to catch up with the ring, you’re literally running for your life.

Respawn has confirmed that every character in the game — yes, even Gibraltar — walks and runs at the same speeds (aside from certain Legends’ movement-altering abilities, of course). Generally, the key is to be moving as fast as possible, but how do you get an edge?

First things first: If you’re armed, you’re not moving as fast as possible.

According to a video of movement tests from YouTuber T_status, every Legend sprints at approximately 7.4 meters per second when unarmed. But while holding a weapon — any weapon — the sprint speed drops to about 6.5 meters per second, which is more than 12 percent slower. To be clear, it doesn’t matter which gun you’re using: Packing a pistol reduces your sprint speed just as much as carrying a sniper rifle, as long as you aren’t aiming down the sights. There’s a similar speed penalty when you’re walking without aiming. (When you aiming, each type of weapon has a different impact on your speed, according to this follow-up video from T_status.)

If you’re exploring World’s Edge in search of loot, then sure, you probably want to stay armed. But if you’re in a hurry — trying to, say, reach squadmates in need, escape a sticky situation, or outrun the ring — you’ll want to holster your weapons. The default command to do this is to hold the swap weapons button, triangle on PS4, Y on Xbox One, and three on PC.

How to drop in Apex Legends

Do you know how to fly further and hit the ground faster in Apex Legends? In the drop phrase that kicks off each match, I see a lot of people just pointing directly at something and holding the W key, thinking that simply flying in a straight line will help them fly as far as possible. Wrong. This is a competitive multiplayer game, and you can be damn sure that there’s a skill ceiling on .

The best method for maximizing distance when dropping is more nuanced… Read more on our blog

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DreamTeam is the ultimate teambuilding and skill-growing…

DreamTeam Media

DreamTeam is the ultimate teambuilding and skill-growing platform that solves problems for hundreds of millions of gamers who want to find teammates, improve skills, manage teams, and earn money.

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DreamTeam Media

DreamTeam is the ultimate teambuilding and skill-growing platform that solves problems for hundreds of millions of gamers who want to find teammates, improve skills, manage teams, and earn money.

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