13 artworks to identify the “Design Done Right” for your business

“Good design fosters great business.”

Ever heard this?

Or, something like that.

The quote is overused and somewhat obscured if you don’t believe in good design or design as a prime force behind your good business or any business at all.

But business at its core is all about honest and effective communication. And digital business inside the agile, clumsy, cluttered, noisy digital world owes lion’s share of success to good, meaningful design.

Who does not know “First impression is everything.”

So, how will you identify the flawed and fantastic design? How will you know whether your design can deliver good communication, the magical traction for your business?

We have created some artworks to help you. It’s time to treat your eyes-

1. A Usual Pair of Eyes for All Things Unusual:

Because it is the usual things that have plenty of mysteries hidden in them.

2. Space to breathe, Space to create

Afterall, design also needs some space!

3. Simple is Stunning. Period!

Do we need to explain?

4. Keep Making Ruckus

Take that clay and create whatever that comes into your mind.

5. Effectively Simple

Make it simple but make sure it solves its purpose.

6. Believe = Become

Believe in what keeps you going, because sometimes it is the belief that makes your dreams come true.

7. Less is Enough

Anyone can make a complicated thing, making simple is what takes great skill.

8. Linchpin

Go crazy over your idea and leave no stone unturned. Victory is yours! With good design of course.

9. Good Design is Touchstone

You are great at what you do, right? So, use that Midas’ touch of yours to turn copper into gold.

10. Set the Trend to Break the Trend

Sometimes you must go with your gut feeling and not with the ongoing trend. Create new! Be the trendsetter! Good design can help you here.

11. Design for Forever

A perfect thing will always remain perfect. So, strive for the best!

12. Listen. Respond. Recreate

Treat criticism as Vitamin C. A daily dose is required for a healthy body.

13. Honesty is the New Beauty

That’s the beauty of design that is great, it fits so well that it becomes a part of the surrounding.

So, give your thoughts a lazor beam focus and play with your ideas. Create something that is so great because it’s that simple!

You will love them. So will your tribe.