Few Startup Quotes to Fuel Your Inner Drive Again

We know launching a startup, sustaining the business over the years, scaling it up further is tough. This is a lone battle played by brave hearts against the juggernauts. Working with some of the brave startup founders over the years, we know how the “mindset of challenging the status quo”, “drive of helping people”, “hunger to resolve most painful problems” play a crucial role.

To keep your fire flaming forever, we have carefully handpicked powerful words.

Hope they help you to push the envelope with all might, intellect and empathy.

All the best.

The rules of human civilization are the ruthless rules of startup!
But the peace talk may save your startup.
Write the word perfect as PERFECT and then work.
Eliminating the access is the foundation of the valuable work.
Process is eternal.
You are not the only one to taste the bitter failure. Now breathe!
Are your idea dots transparent or cluttered?
Student first, founder later.
Start small, start now.

Will the words from the startup gurus help you to build the products, launch the startup that people need and do the work that matters most?

We would love to hear from you.

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