Your Products or Your Users: Identify the Loophole in Your Startup Strategy

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Every product development strategy starts with one simple question- “Can your product make its’ users hero?”

YouTube helps Justin Biber to be the next singing sensation.

Uber helps John, Shelly, and Harry not to miss their meetings and carry forward their greatest mission.

Shopify provides the platform to lock horns with Amazon and Etsy.

Intercom makes the art-collection startup in France to communicate with their clients in far south-east Asia.

And so on…

Hope your application has such wonderful story to share.

Let your product play the side role, or let it be a humble superhero suit or the force of an underdog.

It all starts with letting your users win the battle against your dated, chest-thumping product documents whitepapers.

Turn the table and allow users to speak. Get out of your cocoon and just listen. Listen to know where do they get stuck, what can make them happy and the whole “HOW” of it..
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Now is the time to bow down to your users and develop the product that they want.

Your startups may get rid of the chink in the armor.