Hashtags in your Twitter bio might be helping your competition

Each Thursday, we’ll share a simple, thought-provoking note to help your business online. This week, we bash the hashtag.

When you think of Twitter, one of the first thing you think of is the hashtag.

From #MondayMotivation to #SmallBusinessSunday, hashtags are at the core of the platform and help users connect with each other, discover new businesses and navigate a world of content.

Put simply, hashtags are links to search terms.

But if you’re using hashtags in your Twitter biography, you might be sending business in the direction of your competitors. Here’s why.

Often, the thought process behind putting a hashtag in your Twitter bio is to try and draw in users who are searching the platform for businesses like yours. It’s a strong logic; get as many searchable terms into your bio as possible, and hope that they help you get discovered by customers.

Keywords are great for this. But hashtags aren’t.

That’s because Twitter Account Search ignores hashtags, meaning that if someone searches for ‘florist’ and ‘#florist’, both searches will return the same results; the same competing businesses will show up side-by-side.

That means that if your Twitter bio includes the word ‘florist’ without a hashtag, you can still be discovered by users searching for companies like yours. A user can arrive on your profile, view your tweets and see what you have to offer.

Now — again: hashtags are links to search terms.

If your Twitter bio includes the hashtag #florist, you’re giving users the option to click away from your profile, back into a search full of your competitors, who are all fighting for the same business.

Our advice is simple: Remove any market, sector or industry hashtags from your bio and keep the attention of your hard-earned visitors.

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