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Announcement | DREP 2019 Strategy

The year of 2018 is of great significance to DREP.

We have completed our fund raising, reached a number of in-depth strategic partnerships, and launched multiple reputation products with reputation protocol embedded including DREP Mining and DREP Bate.

Before the end of this year, we will launch our long-awaited DREP testnet!

At the end of 2018, DREP team has made the decision to reveal DREP’s 2019 strategy and the plan of exchange listing with DREP community.

Here we have compiled the announcement of 2019 strategy for our global community:

- First listing time will be Q1 2019 -

It is a decision that we made based on our product delivery timeline and business expansion progress. The team also has taken into consideration the feedback of investors and the community, the market conditions and the experience of Xiaolong and team.

- All the major listing exchanges will be rolled out by Q2 -

We plan to get listed in tier1 and tier2 exchanges gradually by Q2 2019. We could not share the exact timing on listing due to NDAs that we signed. Hope you can understand that.

The team is actively seeking more credible exchange partners that can bring more benefits to our project and the community.

- Some big business and product breakthroughs -

We have already partnered with some big brand companies for cooperation in the usage of our technology output from DREP Chain, Reputation Protocol and DREP ID.

We have a product portfolio including DREP Mining, DREP Voting, and DREP Bate on DREP Chain for corporate usage to introduce new traffic and create demand for our tokens.

The target market in 2019 includes 4 major countries and regions with the likes of Australia, China, Korea and the Middle East, together with the efforts from respective regional partners.

Another enlightening fact is that based on the cooperation and progress in the business and technology end, we forecast there would be a big market demand regarding DREP token. Our cooperation partners will also issue their reputation tokens. To contain the traffic within our ecosystem, we have developed a marketplace for reputation assets. And the marketplace is totally regulation compliant. This is to protect the investors’ and partners’ benefits.

- Currently, the team is still actively busy with -

  • developing the products that investors and partners are waiting for (dev team)
  • expanding business into Australia, Korea, China and the Middle East (BD team)
  • recruiting more developers onboard to expedite the delivery timeline because we have quite a number of products to deliver based on our contracts (HR team)
  • revamping the website, with our products portfolio, new roadmap and partners. It will be a bilingual (EN/CN) one! (PR and design team)

After the announcement sharing, our CBO Jesse has answered another two questions from our community:

The first question is from our member @Cryptoverse_ashish: “Whenever we talk about ‘reputation on blockchain’what does it mean in simple terms or language?”

It means we use DREP system to aggregate reputation value and reputation tokens across platforms within the DREP ecosystem, thus empowering reputation data sharing, giving the data rights to data owners and monetizing the data for users’ benefits.

The second question is from @cavemaann: “When would we be able to use the software in a deeper way, lets say a company with 10 employees, each gets major tasks due in a month and other minor ones due every week, that would also keep track of who’s performing well, would that be possible?”

Hi Kaleem. Creative question. It can be solved with a project management tool. In addition, if you are familiar with DREP Mining, you could use DREP Mining to achieve this mission as well.

@cavemaann: “And since its cross chain, another small setup of 10 employees in a different city would be easier to manage, since the tasks assigned and completed would be updates and anyone would be able to see without visiting. Also, other partners of DREP would recognize us too, since everyone who is a part of DREP ecosystem would have their reputation intact no matter where they go within the ecosystem. Hopefully ive gotten the concept correct, or correct me where im wrong or vague. Or maybe thats one of the many use cases of DREP.”

You are talking about cross-chain reputation value aggregation. Yes, DREP ID is designed to realize that function and currently we are talking with multiple platforms to enrich our DREP ID user pool and DREP ecosystem.

That's it. Above is the content of this announcement.

More latest updates will be shared on our official channels. Please stay tuned.

ABOUT DREP Foundation

DREP Foundation is devoted to building a performance-oriented technology infrastructure supporting high transaction capacity for an ecosystem generating valuable reputation data. Focusing on two industry pain points: lack of user adoption and low transaction throughput, DREP Foundation aims to provide highly scalable, modular blockchain architecture for deployment of a reputation protocol that any types of platforms can use.

DREP envisions a global plan to empower a wide array of platforms to have tokenized reputation ecosystem deployed on top of DREP Chain, which is secure, scalable and reputation data supportive.



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