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Chinese Top Gaming Incubator Tuoluo Partners with DREP to Incubate Killer Games on Chain Using DREP SDK

Recently, DREP, a blockchain technology team dedicated to building a shared data network, inks a major partnership with Tuoluo Media, one of the largest gaming incubators in China, to revolutionize traditional games and build killer games on chain for mass adoption. The two parties will focus on educating traditional users about blockchain games, connecting blockchain users across different chains, and building a thriving gaming ecosystem, thereby bringing more game players and developers into the blockchain gaming ecosystem.

DREP x tuoluo

Game + blockchain, where is the opportunity?

There are currently three major bottlenecks when games try to utilize blockchain:

  • Small user base due to segregation between different chains: There are different chains. If one game deploys on a certain chain, its user base is limited to the users on that chain.
  • Limitation in scalability and customization: Most public chain’s actual performance and its customization capacity cannot meet development and operation requirements of the game.
  • Lack of big players and capital injection: The existing games in the blockchain sphere are relatively small-scale with low DAU while big players lack sufficient motivation to enter the market.

To solve the above pain points, the DREP team independently developed the DREP SDK and customize the tool components for the gaming vertical field to match the needs of blockchain + game development, distribution and operation. As one of the largest gaming communities in China, Tuoluo Media, together with sister company youxituoluo.com, has provided services to more than 3,000 Chinese and foreign game companies. Therefore, a large number of game project developers and game users have been secured.

With the DREP SDK, Tuoluo Platform is able to provide their gaming enterprises with more convenient account system, payment system and operation system, thereby seamlessly educating players to use blockchain games and enriching the gaming ecosystems of both DREP and Youxituoluo.com. The aim of DREP team is to act as a blockchain traffic data aggregation engine with the goal of reducing the barriers to using blockchain technology by developing vertical APIs/plugins.

DREP ID traffic overview

How does the DREP SDK optimize the experience of developers and players?

The DREP SDK consists of three main modules:

  • The game account module: The core advantage is that with the cross-chain DREP ID, games are able to connect or attract users across different chains.
  • The payment transaction module: The core advantage is that it can greatly optimize digital assets trading experience though built-in payment and transaction engine.
  • The data management module: The core advantage is that all the data such as operation and gaming transactions can achieve data visualization, transparency and configurability.

For game developers, the DREP SDK reduces the development threshold for blockchain games built on different engines, allowing them to embed native Internet games into the blockchain architecture more effortlessly.

Digital asset wallets and transaction engines can be built directly into the game so that players can use digital assets directly in the game to pay, trade, mortgage, etc., achieving a closed-loop ecosystem.

Through the DREP SDK, developers can incubate all kinds of blockchain games such as the ones with digital asset payment + centralized game, assets on-chain or logic on-chain. In addition, it connects game players in the entire Tuoluo Platform with DREP IDs. Under this technology support, developers can acquire users from both traditional and blockchain spheres and achieve gaming data sharing. More DREP SDK details will be announced and open source.

How will DREP and Tuoluo empower “game + blockchain”?

DREP Foundation consists of experienced veterans specializing in blockchain technology research and development, and is deeply involved in the field of digital ID and data privacy. It is an early initiator and core enterprise member of the Sino-Singapore Innovation Alliance (SSIA). Currently, DREP’s business mainly focuses on blockchain emerging markets including East Asia, Australia and the Middle East. DREP’s early-stage investors include 360 Innovation Capital, Huobi Global Capital, Collinstar, OneBoat Capital, Leader Capital, Qtum Foundation among many other renowned investment institutions.

Tuoluo Media and Youxituoluo.com are both part of the Tuoluo Platform. Tuoluo Media e is a media dedicated to the blockchain industry, covering hundreds of thousands of industry players. The Tuoluo Platform has grown into one of the top gaming incubators in China and its incubation service covered more than 95% of the well-known game makers in the game industry, including Tencent, NetEase, Perfect World, Activision Blizzard, Ubisoft, Sony amongst many other leading game manufacturers globally.

The DREP Foundation has established partnerships with a number of gaming platforms and projects to integrate the DREP ID system into more gaming ecosystem and to incubate more high-quality blockchain games. So far, the gaming relevant partnershiops include Gamebank (public game chain, with 100+ games deployed on chain ), Legion (blockchain version of Candy Crush from Japan), Le-block (blockchain version of Lego, so far 100,000+ players in game) and Game Farmer (blockchain game releasing platform, currently 4 games on platform).

For DREP SDK inquiry, please contact pr@drep.org

About DREP Foundation

DREP Foundation is devoted to building a performance-oriented technology infrastructure supporting high transaction capacity for an ecosystem generating valuable reputation data. Focusing on two industry pain points: lack of user adoption and low transaction throughput, DREP Foundation aims to provide highly scalable, modular blockchain architecture for deployment of a reputation protocol that any types of platforms can use.

DREP envisions a global plan to empower a wide array of platforms to have tokenized reputation ecosystem deployed on top of DREP Chain, which is secure, scalable and reputation data supportive.

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