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DREP 2019 Annual Report | Technology and Product Develop Simultaneously, DREP Builds International Ecology, Interprets How Does Blockchain Empower Business

Preface: 2019 was a time of change and a vital year for public chains to move from theory to application. The battle on commercial application among public chains started. Whether the public chain technology can support large-scale practical application became the most crucial competitiveness in this battle.

As an early practitioner in who is committed to creating “connectors” and “tooklits” of blockchain technology, DREP forged ahead in “blockchain+”and communicate with 100+ companies at home and abroad to realize technology docking. In 2019, DREP delivered impressive results in all aspects including technology implementation and ecological construction.

Technology and Product

As of December 2019, DREP has made significant progress in product technology and technical services and released 4 Testnets; also, there are total of 1,626 tests submitted on GitHub, including 3,847 updates and 1,226 completed tests; Based on the current needs of the blockchain industry, DREP has launched products such as DREP client, DREP gamification tool (DREP MINING), DREP cross-chain tool (DREP Bridge), etc.; As a “connector” and “toolkit” on blockchain, DREP provides blockchain technology solutions for various industries on the basis of blockchain technology products, helping companies achieve rapid blockchain development; Welcome more companies and developers join us to deliver an in-depth communication in technology and products.

After 4 iterations of Testnets, DREP pre-Mainnet Plank has been launched and under Mainnet test:

1. Completed Mainnet architecture, realized main network data synchronization and DREP TOKEN transaction function, supported DAPP or enterprises to develop their own blockchain systems based on DREP;

2. Improved traditional PBFT consensus mechanism, introduced PBFT based on multi-signature, combined the advantages of DPOS consensus mechanism to improve the efficiency of the DREP chain;

3. Improved smart contracts compatible with EVM and WASM

4. Completed the development of homogeneous and heterogeneous cross-chain technologies, formed a multi-level and three-dimensional user reputation list;

5. Launched more methods of DREP Staking, enhanced Staking system;

6. Completed the development of data cluster, supported the building of any alliance chain;

DREP helped enterprises deploy blockchain and reduced the technical barriers to entry blockchain industry.

Completed the technical development of DREP smart pipeline. The DREP Smart Pipeline is a “pipeline” for data transmission and for transferring data between the blockchain virtual machine and external applications. The blockchain client transmits real-time data to an external application via the Smart Pipeline, and the external application executes the result before transmitting the data back to the blockchain client in real-time through the pipeline. Smart Pipelines can be inserted into every step of the process where necessary to improve the execution efficiency.

Compared with Smart Contract, Smart Pipeline Has Advantages:

· “Smarter”: After the Smart Pipeline is deployed on-chain, its execution can be automatically triggered according to pre-specified conditions. In comparison with Smart Contracts, the Smart Pipeline will be able to handle more complex conditions and its execution process will be much more difficult to interfere with, thus being more conducive to the execution of complex transactions.

· Zero Gas Consumption: When an application using Smart Pipelines is executed, no gas is required as compared to Smart Contracts. However, zero gas consumption does not mean it encourages non efficient use of resources as all Smart Pipeline codes are required to be open sourced and will be supervised. Moreover, the computing resources that the Smart Pipeline consumes is not part of the corresponding sub-chain, but to be provided by the owner of the Smart Pipeline source code. Thus, even if there is a loophole in the above arrangement, it will not affect the performance of the corresponding sub-chain.

· No Language Limitations in Programming Coding: The Smart Pipeline technology uses the WASM virtual machine to execute transactions. Users can write codes in different programming languages and before compiling them into the WASM bytecode. As WASM continues to evolve over time, more languages will be supported, and the code efficiency will also be improved without affecting execution on the blockchain.

· Meeting the Needs of Complex Applications: Smart Pipeline applications are not limited by gas and enables blockchain to support more complex applications. Blockchains that adopted the Smart Pipeline technology are still able to interact with other applications or services, meeting the requirements of large and complex applications, thereby allowing for the development of applications which are not supported by existing blockchains

1. Through DREP SDK, DREP ID achieved decentralized login which has the advantages of third- party login and autonomous identity. It also supported the login of a large number of applications and controled the information transferred, achieving complete function of DREP DID;

2. Upgraded DREP SDK function, packaged SDK in various vertical industries, helped developers or enterprises quickly implement blockchain development.

DREP DID Ease of use and Interoperability:

· DREP ID supports multi-asset payment and exchange through the DREP Client application, giving users access to a convenient one-stop account management. In addition, binding different platform addresses to DREP ID allows cross-platform transfer by way of cross-chain interoperation.

· Such functionality is not just confined to blockchain. For traditional/centralized platforms within the DREP network, cross-platform management such as asset and data integration, encryption of information, etc. is also available through DREP ID without any interference on the existing numerical systems, loyalty point system, economic system or other aspects of the original platform, thereby forming an interconnected decentralized ecosystem.

· This allows DREP ID to support cross-chain DApps, allowing DApp developers and users to transfer mainstream currencies freely without suffering from infrastructure restrictions, and freely trade tokens on Decentralized Exchanges. As a result, the user experience would be improved, user bases would be expanded while reducing unwanted duplications in developments.

1. In March, DREP PC wallet launched, user guide released

2. In September, DREP mobile client 1.0.0 launched, realizing two-way swap function

3. In October, DREP mobile client 1.2.0 launched, adding TESTNET Coin and other functions (Source address is the same as 1.0.0)

DREP Client integrates asset management, identity management, application development, traffic portal, and other value-added services in DREP’s ecosystem. Users can store, manage and use a variety of digital assets through DREP Client. An easy-to-use SDK is also provided for developers and enterprises. Users can connect with various public blockchains including DREP Chain through the SDK.

1. Launched multi-chain and multi-currency asset management to provide users with digital assets services on storage, management and earning;

2. Completed the development of gamification tools, with functions such as creating economic models, providing asset consumption scenarios, and implementing user customized operations;

3. Open traffic entrance, users can obtain independent and valuable digital identities, DREP client protects user data security, ownership and related benefits;

4. Enhanced security and privacy protection, introduced zero-knowledge proof, and enhanced ease of use and interoperability.

As a cross-ecology and cross-platform asset management tool, DREP client provides enterprises with the service of quickly deploying wallet.

DREP Gamification Tool is a toolkit based on DREP SDK. Developers will be able to create economic models, provide asset consumption scenarios, and enable user-defined operations. With the objective of greatly enhancing the token economic system, DREP Gamification Tool is secure, decentralized, has customizable game elements and allows easy integration. Based on DREP Gamification Tool, DREP successfully developed the first blockchain miner parkour game — DREP MINING, integrating attributed of multi-currency payment SDK, hodl & mining, lock & earn, etc.

Main functions of DREP Gamification Tool:

1. Multi-currency Payment SDK

2. Digital Asset Consumption Scenario

3. Deflationary Economic Model

4. Viral Marketing and User Acquisition Tool

DREP Bridge is a proprietary cross-chain digital asset exchange and trading tool developed by DREP. DREP Bridge allows fast, convenient and secure token swap across different public chains.

Isomorphic Cross-chain Mechanism

DREP Isomorphic cross-chain is implemented by using smart contracts to achieve bi-directional locking. To perform a cross-chain transfer, the digital asset on the main chain will be locked, while the equivalent assets on the sub-chain will be unlocked. Conversely, when the related assets in the sub-chain are locked, the locked equivalent assets on the main chain will be unlocked.

Heterogeneous Cross-chain Mechanism

DREP Bridge heterogeneous cross-chain is made possible with the additional role, the ‘bridge.’ Based on two-way locking, an extra verification will be done to enable heterogeneous cross-chain operations.

DREP introduced zero-knowledge proof as a verifiable credential of user privacy information, ensure user data security. With DREP’s DID technology and DREP Client, users only need to maintain a single DREP DID private key, to access and manage multiple types of digital assets (e.g. BTC, ETH, etc.). A verifiable credential D is issued by a trusted third party DID_X to DID_Y. DID_Y’s verifiable credential D, which DID_Z wishes to verify, contains information that is irrelevant to the verification needs, while DID_Y wishes to conceal the irrelevant information from DID_Z. DID_Y can negotiate with DID_Z to verify the necessary information of interest via zero- knowledge proof such that his privacy is protected.

Based on the pain points in industry and blockchain application scenarios, DREP created innovative and easy to use solutions to help enterprises realize “blockchain +” quickly and use technological innovation to lead new industry standards. The solutions provided by DREP include: Supply chain finance, financial real estate, traceability confirmation, smart manufacturing, smart big data, digital integration, precision marketing, smart government affairs, etc.

Many DREP core technologies has opened resource and are able to support varieties of applications:

2019–2020 Technology Roadmap:

Technology Application

With self-developed innovative and easy to use technological products such as smart pipeline, DREP SDK, DREP has successfully realized technological docking with many Internet technology platforms in the Middle East, Australia, and Southeast Asia and these platforms possess millions of active users. At the same time, DREP achieved technology docking plan with 50+ well-known companies at home and abroad in traditional Internet, gaming, decentralized financial and other industries. With the support of high-quality technology and talent, DREP made many significant breakthroughs in “blockchain+”, making a great contribution to the advancement of blockchain technology application.

DREP was invited to the Decentralized Identity Foundation (DIF), jointly promoted interoperability and standardization of blockchain-based ID system along with Microsoft, IBM and Accenture. DIF thinks highly of: DREP DID system, privacy protection, security and ease of use, as well as DREP’s commercialization of DID in the Middle East, Australia and other regions. In the future, DIF will take full use of the innovative features of DREP DID system to improve the experience of the decentralized ID system and reduce user barriers in blockchain technology usage.

DREP joined forces with TRIUM (The alliance of NYU Leonard N. Stern School of Business, the London School of Economics and Political Science, and HEC Paris) to develop blockchain retail credit system, taking full use of DREP DID to empower digital credit market. In the meeting, TRIUM team introduced its own blockchain credit system and the current commercial application plan of the credit system in the retail industry. The two sides conducted an in-depth communication on how to expand the application scenarios of key technologies. the TRIUM team has high expectations for DREP in the field of blockchain empower digital integration systems.

Big data project from India works with DREP Chain on the utilization of offline data and online reputation data. Zebi and DREP cooperate to improve the data load on chain and develop a feasible technology for rational application of data.

DREP established an in-depth strategic cooperation with a gaming unicorn Bijiaqi. Based on DRPE SDK, DREP will provide technology support and help build Bijiaqi platform into one of the leading decentralized game virtual asset trading platform worldwide. Many global game asset producers and over 90% of overseas B2C game asset trading platforms have registerd in Bijiaqi. Through this cooperation, DREP will reach hundreds of millions of PC users in western countries.

Mr Wang joined Riot Games in year 2011 and is currently serving as Chief Operating Officer at Riot Games China. With many years of experience in the gaming industry, Daniel is optimistic about blockchain technology’s innovation and empowerment capability in upstream and downstream relationships of traditional game industry. Also, he believes in DREP team’s R & D capabilities. Mr. Daniel Wang serves as the gaming ecosystem advisor, promotes DREP Gaming SDK to dock with more top games, and achieves a full coordination of game resources.

GameBank is a public chain specifically designed for the game industry based on blockchain technology. It aims to provide decentralized blockchain technology services for the game industry and create a complete economic system. So far, more than 100 on-chain game are released this platform. Through the cooperation with DREP, the built-in payment and transaction engine enable cross-game circulation transactions of user assets and further optimize the digital asset trading experience. Meanwhile, the games in GameBank ecosystem will be pre-sold and fundraising based on DREP token to make game assets on-chain.

GameFarmer is a blockchain game publisher committed to creating Internet game in all chains. Through this cooperation, DREP SDK will be integrated into more game ecosystems to endow digital asset with real labor value and link more game users. It will promote the development of game economic system and social system and incubate more high-quality blockchain games.

BlockGemini is a leading blockchain solution provider in the Middle East, and has provided blockchain technology innovation solutions to many companies in Dubai. Through this cooperation, DREP is expected to support BlockGemini’s infrastructure support for local companies ranging from real estate to finance to supply chain and other industries, and further shape innovative standards for the Middle Eastern market. Meanwhile, DREP forms connection with enterprises and users in the MENA region, so that DREP public chain and DREP SDK can be put into adoption while expanding user base of DREP ID system and achieving a wider geographic coverage.

DREP inked cooperation with Australian comprehensive O2O platforms, similar to 58.com Inc. a Chinese online multi-content category-classified advertising platform. So far, Yeeyi has more than 2 million users, daily visits reach 1 million with 50% active accounts. Based on DREP SDK, DREP helps Yeeyi to solve the development issues and security loopholes in Discuz (open source code); realize traffic transformation and practical payment function through “transaction mining”; use DREP ID to optimize account system for Yeeyi, improve user loyalty and protect user privacy.

At the same time, Forbes reported the cooperation between DREP and Yeeyi. It is reported that DREP self-developed reputation system can connect user behavior with reputation by technologies including reputation pipeline interfaces, reputation uploading and algorithm libraries, reputation reward acquisition and reputation account management. On the one hand, merchants can achieve precise marketing based on users’ interests and user groups that match their own products through reputation portraits; on the other hand,

reputation account management endows users with privacy management. Users can decide weather authorize merchants or not by themselves and they can also gain discounts through digital consumption portrait. It can promote consumption and further increase user stickiness to merchants.

DREP cooperated with Australian E-commerce platform HarkHark, an official partner of Ant Financial in Australia. Similar to Meituan-Dianping, Harkhark provides takeaway, travel, new media promotion and discount information in Australia. According to the platform’s official information, the HarkHark mobile APP has more than 40,000 active users per day. Utilizing decentralized reputation mechanism, DREP will quantify the reputation of users on the HarkHark platform and realize reputation realisation. The HarkHark platform signed a cooperation agreement in Jun 2018, and the technical docking began in November of the same year.

As a leading enterprise-grade blockchain solutions provider, Ziggurat is the member of Hyperledger, and has established a cooperative relationship with Alibaba Cloud. Through this cooperation, DREP provides more comprehensive services for the Internet and blockchain platforms. In addition to the existing decentralized reputation system, Ziggurat’s intellectual property certification and protection service will be added to DREP chain service content and tool to achieve the needs of one-stop reputational realization and intellectual property protection.

DREP signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Singapore start-up REAL ID to develop a digital identity network. REAL ID is established by the former Tencent team responsible for WeChat Pay, The authentication service of Real ID will be embedded in DREP service layer and its eKYC data will be shared with DREP, helping to better secure identity in transaction on the Internet platform and protect the interests of relevant parties on DREP chain.

The BlockVC team has a deep understanding of Fintech and a good reputation from investment vision to post-investment consultation. DREP chose to reach an in-depth cooperation with BlockVC. On the one hand, it could reach a brand strategy synergy with BlockVC, jointly improve the blockchain infrastructure and march into the emerging markets. On the other hand, DREP will fully utilize BlockVC’s investment incubation and asset management services for the enhancement to support DREP ecosystem.

In addition, DREP has reached a multi-dimensional technical cooperation with more companies and universities:

DREP Developer Ecology

· Nanyang Technology University (NTU): DREP Foundation is the first blockchain practice base of Nanyang International Technology Innovation Center. It is responsible for docking and serving NTU blockchain research projects, as well as entrepreneurial innovation projects of professors and students. At the same time, coordinated with Asian universities, DREP is committed to supporting the innovation and entrepreneurship of scholars, technology developers and undergraduates in blockchain field. Tan Aik Na, Vice President of Nanyang Technological University of Singapore, also visited the DREP office in person. She pointed out that as a young technical team, DREP makes NTU well-kwown in blockchain industry. The achievement of DREP in the field of blockchain technology is also further confirmed.

· The Sino-ingapore Innovation Alliance (SSIA): DREP is the initiator and core member of SSIA. DREP establishes and maintains talent databases including the National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University of Singapore, Shanghai Jiaotong University, and Fudan University to promote the exchange of innovative technologies between Singapore-Shanghai enterprises and universities.

· SungKyunnkwan University and KYunghee University: DREP cooperates with SKKONE and BliKH, which are The Blockchain Associations of SungKyunnkwan University and KYunghee University separately, to build developer community altogether. During the visit in Korea, DREP built a meetup for developer community at SungKyunnkwan University and KYunghee University, and introduced a series of ecological deployments such as the DREP developer community and DREP Signal Lab.

· The University of Sydney: DREP foundation signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the University of Sydney Blockchain Association. It aims to build developer community altogether and further promote DREP ecological system in Australia.

· Online AMA for Autralian developers: DREP and the University of Sydney hosted an online AMA for Australian developer. DREP founder Xiaolong and the President of the University of Sydney Blockchain Association shared the current blockchain technology applications and industry hotspots with developers from the University of Sydney, the University of New South Wales and the University of Technology Sydney.

DREP Global Community Building

We actively expand multi-lingual communities including English / Korean / Japanese / Russian / Chinese / Indian, improving DREP awareness and branding effect. With the joint efforts of various community members, some well-known media think highly of DREP. In June 2019, the worldwide largest 1C0 rating platform, 1C0 Drops improved the rating of DREP overseas community to High Interest category.

DREP co-founder Momo was invited to attend the Meetup held by Huobi Eco and WXY in Seoul and delivered a speech. During the meetup, she mainly introduced DREP marketing progress in Australia and technology research in data security and privacy protection, including secure multiparty computing and distributed private key management. After the meetup, Momo and the head of Huobi Ecology had a communication on how can DREP technology help “digital economy” and the transformation of the real economy. Huobi Eco looked forward to the further development of DREP’s cooperation with Korean technical services and expressed its support for DREP as a partner.

DREP was invited to attend Blockfesta2018 Blockchain Industry Summit in Seoul held by professional crypto media BLOCKMEDIA and Korea Blockchain Industry Promotion Association. It gathered global top developers, investors, experts and leaders in top digital asset exchange. The mayor of Seoul, Park Won-sun, the (former) Finance Commissioner Ren Zhonglong, and the chariman of Blockchain Revitalization Association were present.

· DREP gaming ecosystem advisoer Riot China COO, Daneil Wang, and two DREP co-founders were interviewed by Korean Asian Economic TV, TVCC, well-known Korean real estate media HKBnews, and several Korean blockchain KOLs.

· DREP co-founders were invited to attend CONNECT THE NODES held by Node capital, Jinse Finance, Coinin, and PREMIUM INVESTMENT TECHNIQUE FORUM held by Gate, Tezos and DREP. DREP co-founder had a keynote and had a close communication with Korean community members.

· Hosted DREP game SDK Meetup in Dubai, had a close communication with Dr. Marwan Alzarouni, CEO of Dubai Blockchain Center;

· In-depth cooperation with BlockGemini, provided blockchain technology support for enterprises and work together to promote Dubai’s “2020 plan” on blockchain

· Cooperated with Dubai group buying platform Comebey to achieve a decentralized reputation system and data sharing on DREP chain.

· Invited by NextGenius, a well-known Australian community, to share in a Meetup and the latest research of STO;

· Held an online AMA for developers from Sydney universities. DREP co-founder Xiaolong and DREP blockchain engineer Edward shared the experience of blockchain development and interpreted how to popularize blockchain technology.

DREP team has always been actively rewarding community members. In 2019, DREP hosted many exclusive events for Chinese, English, Russian and Korean community members and received good feedback. Below are the highlights of DREP 2019 community event.

DREP Technology

On 3rd December, DREP BD representative attended the China-Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park Development and Investment Conference held in Singapore. Suzhou Industrial Park is the first cooperation project jointly created by Chinese and Singapore government. In the conference, DREP BD representative and Singapore government representative discussed the cooperation in technological innovation and cross-border investment to achieve win-win cooperation between the park and Singapore.

On 5th, November, DREP product manager attended the Blockchain Cooperation Symposium Organized by Tianjin Beichen District Government. They had in-depth discussions with participants in regard of blockchain application, the combination of blockchain technology and scenarios. After the symposium, Tianjin Beichen District Government wishes to establish an in-depth multi-party cooperation in the future.

On 27th, February, DREP attended Dubai Future Blockchain Conference, Shanghai meeting. After the communication with DREP representative, Director of Dubai World Trade Center thought highly of DREP’s development in the field of digital identity ID, and expressed the relevant needs of Dubai government.

On 21st, August, DREP co-founder Xiaolong was invited to attend POW’ER Global Developers Conference and shared DREP technology progress and products in the discussion.

On 25th, Oct, Xiaolong was invited to speak in “Amazon AWS — how to empower blockchain industry for a fast development” conference, discuss the new era of blockchain application over the cloud. In this conference, Xiaolong introduced the philosophy and latest developments of DREP, and shared his views on the combination of blockchain technology and cloud computing with the audience.

In addition to various offline meetings and conferences, DREP also took an active part in establishing DREP brand image in media channels and communities at home and abroad. The format included text, pictures, videos, in Chinese, English, Korean, and Russian, etc.

Chinese community and media: WeChat public account, Weibo, CSDN, Bikan, Bihu, 18 DREP WeChat communities, 8btc forum, Zhihu, etc.

English community and media: DREP Foundation twitter,xiaolong Twitter, telegram community, Medium,LinkedIn,Facebook; Reddit,Bitcointalk,Cryptocurrencytalk, Cryptorum, etc.

Korean community and media: DREP Foundation twitter,Naver blog,2 Kakao communities;Cobak,Coinpan,Blockchain Hub,Cryptocurrency Community Moneynet,Ddengle,TokenPost,D.STREET, etc.

According to incomplete statistics, DREP has published a total of 1200+ related articles and information, covering 230,000+ people and 350,000+ views in the above channels. It helps to promote our concepts and technology to worldwide DREP users and further promote the global ecological development of DREP.

In 2019, DREP overcame a great of difficulties in the blockchain industry. Adhering to the original intention of building a “toolkit” and “connector” on blockchain, relying on its technical strength, continuously optimized product system, and advanced global perspective, DREP gained a lot of achievements in connecting data silos among public chains and realizing the commercialization of blockchain technology. In 2020, DREP will continue to be committed in the application of blockchain technology and take full use of the policy advantages. As a “toolkit” and “connector” on blockchain, DREP will connect more traditional and blockchain enterprises and help to promote the development of blockchain industry.

There will be more exciting events in 2020. So, stay tuned with DREP.

About DREP Foundation

DREP is committed to building “connectors” and “toolkits” based on blockchain technology, providing solutions that combine ease of use, flexibility and frictionless integration. Based on DREP Chain, DREP ID and DREP SDK, DApp R&D teams are able to release multi-public-chain asset versions, built-in wallets and asset trading platforms with one-click.

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