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DREP Biweekly Updates 2019.03.11–2019.03.29

Dear DREPers,

A warm greetings to you all!

The following is the development progress and marketing activities of DREP in the past weeks. Enjoy the read!


| The communication function among nodes on DREP main chain is making steady progress.

| The construction of DREP reputation system is enhanced and finished open source in Github.

| DREP released DREP Wallet and related user guide.

| Mr. Daniel Wang from Riot Games joined DREP as Gaming Ecosystem Advisor.

|DREP released Testnet 2.0 Riemann, aimed at improving DApp development.

|DREP partnered with Chinese top gaming incubator Tuoluo to incubate killer games on chain using DREP SDK.

|DREP Lucky Draw for Poster Sharing came to a close.

Development Progress

Main chain:

  1. Improve the communication function among nodes on DREP main chain, which supports binding between modules and corresponding nodes. Besides, node linking mode evolved into long link.
  2. Debug and modify DREP Testnet 2.0 node server, stabilizing the operation of DREP Testnet 2.0.
  3. Improve main chain account system, which makes original public key address more intelligible and easier for users to understand, facilitating mainnet reputation system docking;
  4. Integrate and optimize reputation algorithms, enhance the construction of reputation system and finish open source in Github.

DREP Wallet:

  1. Launch DREP Wallet and release download link in Github so that contributors could view their DREP balance by importing public key or Ethereum address.
  2. Implement multi-chain wallet management function, currently supporting the storage and trading of digital assets like BTC, ETH and DREP ERC20.
  3. Optimize DREP Wallet Info interface, repair, modify and test Wallet bug, maintaining the stability of DREP Wallet.

Marketing Activities

1. DREP released DREP Wallet

On March 29, DREP released DREP Wallet and user guide for both Windows and MAC.

For crowdsale contributors through WeStart — you can download DREP Wallet and view your total token balance at Token Info page by simply importing your public key.

For presale and private investors — if you have replied the newly sent email by Xiaolong with your receiving address days ago, please rest assured that we will send the unlocked tokens to your address prior to exchange listing. If you want to check out the total amount of tokens that you got, you can download DREP wallet and see your token balance at Token Info page.

2. Mr. Daniel Wang (RIOT GAMES) joined DREP as Gaming Ecosystem Advisor

On March 26, DREP announced the boarding of a gaming pro Daniel Wang as Gaming Ecosystem Advisor. With many years of experience in the gaming industry and being a blockchain optimist, DREP believe that Mr. Wang will be of great help in the formation and development of DREP Gaming Ecosystem, and the promotion of DREP Gaming SDK.

Mr. Wang joined Riot Games in year 2011 and is currently serving as Chief Operating Officer at Riot Games China.

Xiaolong, co-founder of DREP and a senior developer and entrepreneur from the gaming industry to blockchain, cherishes Mr. Daniel Wang’s recognition and highly anticipates the exploration of blockchain + gaming with Daniel.

3. DREP released Testnet 2.0 Riemann

On March 22, DREP launched testnet 2.0 Riemann, aimed at simplifying and accelerating DApp development. DREP testnet 2.0 Riemann, evolved from DREP testnet 1.0, optimizes a number of components, making DREP become the next-generation of “connector” and “toolbox” in blockchain.

DREP Foundation has established partnerships with a number of gaming platforms so far, among which are Gamebank, Legion, LeBlock and Game Farmer, committing to integrate DREP ID system into more gaming ecosystems and to incubate more high-quality blockchain games.

4. DREP partnered with Chinese top gaming incubator Tuoluo

On March 14, DREP announced strategic partnership with Tuoluo Media, one of the largest gaming incubators in China, to revolutionize traditional games and build killer games on chain for mass adoption.

With DREP SDK, Tuoluo Platform is able to provide their gaming enterprises with more convenient account system, payment system and operation system, thereby seamlessly educating players to use blockchain games and enriching the gaming ecosystems of both DREP and Youxituoluo.com.

5, DREP Lucky Draw for Poster Sharing Came to a Close

On March 23, DREP held a Lucky Draw for Poster Sharing, receiving a warm response from DREP community. On 27, three lucky DREPers came out as winners and got the gifts.

The above is the full content of this week’s biweekly report. Thanks for everyone’s continued attention to DREP, DREP’s targeted ecosystem is gradually enriched and expanded.

We cannot have gone this far without the support of each DREPer. If you have any cooperation proposals and suggestions, please contact us at pr@drep.org or @foundationdrep on Twitter. We will reply as soon as possible.

ABOUT DREP Foundation

DREP Foundation is devoted to building a performance-oriented technology infrastructure supporting high transaction capacity for an ecosystem generating valuable reputation data. Focusing on two industry pain points: lack of user adoption and low transaction throughput, DREP Foundation aims to provide highly scalable, modular blockchain architecture for deployment of a reputation protocol that any types of platforms can use.

DREP envisions a global plan to empower a wide array of platforms to have tokenized reputation ecosystem deployed on top of DREP Chain, which is secure, scalable and reputation data supportive.



DREP is a decentralized reputation ecosystem based on blockchain technology which empowers various Internet platforms to quantify and monetize reputation value.

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