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DREP Core Team and COO at Riot China Interviewed in South Korea, Garnering Great Interests

Recently, following the onboarding of Daniel Wang, the COO at Riot China, known as the birthplace of League of Legends as DREP Gaming Ecosystem Advisor, the DREP core team has been invited to many mainstream media interviews. With DREP listing happening lately, major South Korean exchanges and blockchain communities start to engage with DREP for cooperation.

Daniel Wang, COO at Riot China, is the chief architect of DREP gaming strategy. Daniel reiterated that South Korea would be the pilot zone of leading games + blockchain, and also an important market for DREP overseas expansion. That is why this week, Daniel and DREP two co-founders were invited to receive interviews by Asia Economic TV, TVCC, and several Korean blockchain KOLs respectively.

Asia Economic TV is a mainstream media that focuses on blockchain development and cryptocurrency market. Due to the fact that DREP recently is in the spotlight, especially in South Korea, Asia Economic TV invited the DREP core team and Daniel to a special edition of DREP strategy in South Korea.

During the interview, Daniel expressed that in addition to coordinating gaming operations, he is also responsible for e-sports business in Riot China. Daniel and his team witnessed the 2018 Tencent League of Legends Pro League (LPL) final, which was held at Incheon Mujhe Stadium in South Korea. At that time, Daniel strongly felt South Korean’ s unprecedented enthusiasm for e-sports culture and new things. Besides, South Korea has long been the hotbed for blockchain and cryptocurrency development in Asia. As the DREP Gaming Ecosystem Advisor, Daniel will also pay more attention to the South Korean market for its abundant game resources, attract more e-sports fans to join DREP blockchain gaming and witness the benefits and potential DREP Game SDK could bring to traditional gaming.

Xiaolong and Momo, DREP co-founders, revealed that DREP started to build community in South Korea as early as the beginning of 2018. Currently DREP has two communities based in KakaoTalk with many active users. Moreover, DREP has established cooperation with several Korean enterprises and entities. Details will be announced in the following days.

In addition, Daniel Wang highly recognized the work done by Xiaolong and DREP. As a gaming developer with over 3-year experience, Xiaolong engaged in gaming R&D at Tencent Timi Studio, the birthplace of many well-known games such as “King of Glory”, “Parkour Everydaily” and “PUBG”. After that, Xiaolong worked at Qtum for 3 years. As a senior developer and entrepreneur from the gaming industry to blockchain, Xiaolong is a gem is the industry. His vision towards DREP SDK has been verified by the market and strategic partners. In the future, Xiaolong, along with Daniel will continue to explore and increase more usage scenarios of DREP Game SDK and explore blockchain + gaming.

Several South Korean blockchain KOLs have also interviewed DREP core team. The well-known blockchain KOL BitBoy conducted an interview with two DREP co-founders on April 23. BitBoy firstly recognized DREP’s popularity in South Korea as more people are now paying attention to DREP, especially since last year DREP has ranked high in the overseas Influencer rating. Besides, Doridori, another famous blockchain KOL in South Korea has also live streamed DREP multiple times, which they only do with very interested projects.

It has been great to see DREP frequent’s presence on the headlines in South Korean media and attract many blockchain KOLs’ attention in South Korea.

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