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DREP Foundation Inked Partnership with USYD Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Society to Establish Developer Community

The DREP Foundation inked a strategic partnership agreement with USYD (The University of Sydney) Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Society to fulfill the vision of building a developer community together.

The developer community, on the one hand, is one of the most cherished part for blockchain companies; on the other hand, because of talent shortage, developer community is a scarce resource. Therefore, acquiring talents from higher institutions is a prerequisite for creating a developer community. In 2018, Xu Xiaolong, DREP co-founder conversed extensively in terms of building a DREP developer community when he met members from USYD Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Society during his sharing session on Sydney Blockchain Community held by Next Genius.

Something about USYD — Their Blockchain Innovation Genes

As early as 2017, researchers at USYD were developing a new blockchain technology named Red Belly Blockchain, which deployed the most advanced consensus mechanism as the potential infrastructure. Besides, Red Belly Blockchain managed to simulate every possible cyberattack so as to ensure the integrity of Public Chain Technology Alliance and the capability to maintain daily business activities that require high concurrency. At present, Red Belly Blockchain has been tested with 1,000 nodes across 14 countries in America, Asia-Pacific and Europe. According to a report by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO), Red Belly Blockchain could process 30,000 cross-border transactions per second.

DREP Has Built Strategic Ties with Top Universities

In 2018, DREP established the first blockchain apprentice facility for Nanyang International Technology Innovation Center. Moreover, DREP signed cooperation agreements with SKKONE from Sungkyunkwan University and BLIKH from Kyunghee University respectively to form developer alliance. DREP, based on project work and practical experience, would bring valuable hands-on skills to blockchain talents in colleges, and at the same time, integrate technology resources in higher education. As a result, DREP is able to expand its own developer community, and meanwhile help future-to-be developers staying sharp on these frontier technologies, which enhances competitiveness for universities in blockchain technology and business. DREP, as a leading BaaS provider, would take the responsibility to lead developer communities and relevant government agencies to explore a blockchain pilot that combines blockchain development, learning and research in the near future.

Overview of DREP SDK Partners

Overview of DREP Ecosystem in Australia

DREP has always been focusing on blockchain development and enterprise blockchain adoption. As Australian market has huge potential, it becomes an indispensable part within DREP ecosystem. So far, DREP has established partnership with Yeeyi.com (the equivalent of 58.com in Australia), HarkHark.com.au (the equivalent of Meituan-Dianping in Australia) and a few other major enterprises, which we are able to share at a later stage.

  1. Yeeyi — Australian largest comprehensive O2O platform

Services provided by DREP:

· Solve deep-rooted problems related to Discuz (open source code) development and security loopholes based on DREP SDK, and issue platform assets — loyalty points.

· Realize traffic monetization and payment transactions based on the model of “transaction as mining”.

· Optimize the platform account system based on the DREP ID system to cultivate users’ awareness of asset management, enhance their loyalty, and provide data protection.

The utility scenarios of DREP token:

· Deposit and transaction service fee for “transaction as mining” on the Yeeyi platform.

· Network gas for RTB (Real Time Bidding), targeted advertising and other services on the Yeeyi platform.

· Payment for utilizing DREP SDK account, data service, privacy protection and other services on the Yeeyi platform.

· Circulating payment medium within Yeeyi platform if Yeeyi has no plan to issue its own decentralized token in the future.

2. HarkHark — Australian leading group buying website

Services provided by DREP:

· Improve conversion rate and payment rate based on DREP SDK (including loyalty point system and Real Time Bidding system) which is exclusively designed for the O2O industry.

· Optimize the platform account system based on the DREP ID system to cultivate users’ awareness of asset management, and enhance their loyalty.

· Issue stable currency based on DREP system, and utilize stable coin as the payment.

The utility scenarios of DREP token:

· Payment for utilizing DREP SDK account, data service, privacy protection and other services on the Harkhark platform.

· The only legitimate cryptocurrency circulating within Harkhark platform before Hark Coin is launched.

· Mortgage assets within Harkhark platform when Harkhark issue stable currency in the future.

About DREP Foundation

DREP is committed to building “connectors” and “toolkits” based on blockchain technology, providing solutions that combine ease of use, flexibility and frictionless integration. Based on DREP Chain, DREP ID and DREP SDK, DApp R&D teams are able to release multi-public-chain asset versions, built-in wallets and asset trading platforms with one-click.



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