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DREP June Progress Report

Dear DREP community,

We are here to update the community regarding DREP progress in June.

On the tech side, our team has been continually working on optimizing the Testnet 4.0 Planck and at the same time, adding more new features to improve its performance. On the marketing side, Momo and Xiaolong, DREP co-founders were invited to South Korea to attend forums like Connect The Nodes and other events. Besides, they visited DREP partners there, including major game companies, exchanges and blockchain communities. On the community side, DREP inked a strategic partnership agreement with USYD Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Society to fulfill the vision of building a developer community together. In this way, DREP is able to attract more talents to expand the developer community, and in the meantime to help educational institutions maintain their competitiveness at this stage.

Development progress

DREP Public Chain development:

  • Upgrade the private-key encryption algorithm in Account
  • Test of transactions
  • Add the universal ID to manage multiple cryptocurrencies
  • Add the API to manage private key in Account
  • Add the Trace module to dump info to the log files

DREP Public Chain optimization:

  • Conduct block synchronization and unit testing, and fix txpool so that data in the transaction pool would not lost
  • Fix “rename transaction process” error
  • Improve loading speed
  • Optimize the log module to adjust levels in a dynamic way, and utilize the third-party format to create formatting logs
  • Fix block generation error on the Testnet to prevent data loss when copying subjects

Marketing activities

DREP and Binance Chain, Binance DEX form synergies to migrate a portion of DREP tokens to Binance Chain

On June 30, DREP officially announced to migrate a portion of DREP tokens to Binance Chain in an effort to expand DREP user scenarios and increase liquidity, which is in line with the vision of Binance DEX. Binance official Twitter and CEO Changpeng Zhao retweeted the announcement in the first place to confirm the news. After the voting process, DREP is likely to list on Binance DEX.

DREP co-founders were invited to South Korea to attend forums and visit partners there

From June 26 to 29, Momo and Xiaolong, DREP co-founders, were invited to South Korea to attend a forum themed Connect The Nodes which was co-hosted by Node Capital, Jinse Finance and Coinin. Moreover, DREP partnered with Gate.io and Tezos to organize an event named Premium Investment Technique Forum, at which DREP co-founders delivered a keynote speech and interacted with present audience.

While attending the Connect The Nodes forum, Momo shared her insights on Facebook crypto — Libra, which features an advanced infrastructure, and highlights the Move language. “Move language is likely to solve the problems Solidity fails to do.” Momo said.

In the following roadshow, Momo briefed on DREP and further explained the team’s vision, technologies, marketing activities and recent development focus. Momo especially presented how tech startups like DREP connect with the real economy and facilitate its development based on blockchain technology.

During this trip, DREP co-founders also paid visits to partners in South Korea, including game enterprises, blockchain exchanges, blockchain communities and other institutions. DREP, through these partnerships and technical docking, has acquired lots of experience and is bound to seize these bullish opportunities.

DREP Foundation inked partnership with USYD Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Society to establish developer community

The DREP Foundation inked a strategic partnership agreement with USYD (The University of Sydney) Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Society to fulfill the vision of building a developer community together. As blockchain is increasingly more popular in the world today, more and more college students are mesmerized by this technology which features distributed ledgers. They are craving for the knowledge to solve global issues that are related to society, economy and politics through blockchain technology.

In 2018, Xu Xiaolong, DREP co-founder conversed extensively in terms of building a DREP developer community when he met members from USYD Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Society during his sharing session on Sydney Blockchain Community held by Next Genius.

DREP joins USYD, UNSW and UTS to hold a developer community online AMA

Following the partnership with USYD Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Society, DREP will host a sharing session with Australian developer community from USYD, UNSW and UTS.

In this sharing session, Xiaolong, DREP co-founder and Edward, DREP senior blockchain developer, as the guest speakers, will share their blockchain development experience with aspiring students. They will also dive into the very important elements to make blockchain easy for mainstream adoption — accessibility and user experience.

DREP launched Games of D.R.E.P to give back to global supporters

As more new members and supports joining DREP globally, DREP launched the Games of D.R.E.P with 1 million DREP giveaway. During this three-day event, 321 members from Chinese, English, Korean and Russian community participated with a total of 380 million DREP engaged. After fierce competition, team D and team R won this 1 million award together.

DREP received rating upgrade from top rating agency ICODrops as High Interest

The DREP team is expanding to English, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Chinese, Indian and other major markets, and striving to build a strong brand identity in these regions. Moreover, with the concerted efforts of community members in different markets, many well-known media and agencies have granted DREP high ratings and evaluations so far. ICODrops, the biggest IC0 rating & analytics platform gave DREP the “High Interest” rating after DREP successfully launched its Testnet 3.0 Euler recently.

The above is the full content of DREP progress report for June.

Thank you every community member for the unwavering support. We look forward to more exciting happenings in the upcoming July!

About DREP Foundation

DREP is committed to building “connectors” and “toolkits” based on blockchain technology, providing solutions that combine ease of use, flexibility and frictionless integration. Based on DREP Chain, DREP ID and DREP SDK, DApp R&D teams are able to release multi-public-chain asset versions, built-in wallets and asset trading platforms with one-click.



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