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DREP White Paper V2.0.2 Official Launch | DREP Chain Optimized Customized Architecture, Consensus Mechanism, Staking Model; Added Smart Channel, DREP Multi-Functional Client

Recently, DREP official website officially launched DREP White Paper V2.0.2 based on the upgrade and optimization of technology and product. Compared with the previous versions, DREP White Paper V2.0.2 refined DREP technology architecture and product flow. Meanwhile, new contents were added such as consensus algorithms, smart channel and mobile clients, etc.

In consensus algorithms, DREP innovatively combines DPOS and PBFT to form a new consensus mechanism DBFT. It better achieves fault tolerance, more stable consensus, more efficient, less prone to fork.

DREP’s Smart Channel allows them to build multiple clusters based on specific business needs, creating different consortium chains, and adding new chains in real-time as needed. By supporting clusters, DREP allows a flexible construction of consortium chains under this architecture.

DREP Multilanguage Mobile Client is not only an asset management wallet. Based on the wallet, DREP Mobile Client integrates more comprehensive client integrating functions including asset management, identity management, application development, and traffic portal. Users can store, manage and use a variety of digital assets through DREP Client. Users can store, manage and use a variety of digital assets through DREP Client. An easy-to-use SDK is also provided for developers and enterprises. Users can connect with various public blockchains including DREP Chain through the SDK.

For example, DREP Bridge, which is built-in DREP Client, can help enterprises and users realize cross-chain value circulation. DREP Gamification Tool is released with the aim of accelerating the adoption of blockchain games and making on-chain economic models a reality.

In addition to the above contents, optimizations had been done in structure, database, security and privacy. In general, this update of White Paper was based on the current on the status of the blockchain industry and the needs of business environment. Further advancement and innovations were added according to the previous goal of DREP — connector and toolkit on blockchain.

The following are the important updates of DREP White Paper V2.0.2:

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Download DREP White Paper V2.0.2 here: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/drep-project/one-paper/master/DREP%20WhitePaper_EN.pdf

About DREP Foundation

DREP is committed to building “connectors” and “toolkits” based on blockchain technology, providing solutions that combine ease of use, flexibility and frictionless integration. Based on DREP Chain, DREP ID and DREP SDK, DApp R&D teams are able to release multi-public-chain asset versions, built-in wallets and asset trading platforms with one-click.

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DREP is a decentralized reputation ecosystem based on blockchain technology which empowers various Internet platforms to quantify and monetize reputation value.

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