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Github AMA with DREP’s Lead Developer, Eric

Dear DREP community,

Thank you for being so excited for our Github! We are glad to announce that we have open sourced the Github — https://github.com/drep-project/drep-cli

Please save it and give it a star!

On Jan. 29, 2019, DREP Lead Dev Eric did a Technical AMA. You might know him from our previous team interview series.

We have received MANY questions from the community and have categorised them. Enjoy the read!

  • About DREP development
  • About Comparison to other projects

Before the start, Eric gave some quick updates about the technology:

Me and Xiaolong are mainly in charge of the infrastructure and reputation protocol.

DREP Wallet is about to be launched soon and DREP Browser is under optimisation.

1- About DREP development

Can we expect to see real-time TPS on DREP Browser?

We have demonstrated our TPS before. The max TPS is more than 12000+.

The DREP Browser address is https://drep.me

Where can we use our DREP reputation?

The current DREP Testnet contains the reputation data.

The 2nd version will contains the reputation algorithms including the reputation rewards.

Can you give a time frame on when to expect the release of DREP wallet?

It is expected in Q1 2019.

Can we store other tokens in DREP wallet?

Yes, DREP Wallet supports multiple cryptocurrencies.

Will DREP have bug bounties?

Yes we will in the future. Stay tuned.

How can developers contribute in DREP?

Currently our Github repos are mostly private. Once they are made public, other developers may contribute to them

Will there be staking?

No staking in Testnet 1.0, while our root chain will be updated to staking.

If we face DDOS or hacking problem, can we reverse the txns?

1. The gas limit prevents one from sending so many txs.

2. The distributed system prevents one from sending so many txs to a single node.

3. Even when a node is hacked, there are others working well.

What are the hinderances, that were experienced along the way, and what was the most difficult task?

The most difficult tasks are the underlying chain dev and the rep algorithm dev

I noticed that you guys are building reputation-based protocol. How would it function?

First, we introduce DREP Smart Pipeline in reputation settlement instead of simply using smart contract.

Will you update code on daily basis or whenever code is corrected?

Our github is being updated every day. You will see the progress as soon as they are open source.

Where can we see Reputation and how many use cases do we have till now that are ready to be implemented in the next few months?

Aside from the upcoming DREP Wallet, DREP Ecosystem will witness a bunch of DApps the team secured in from Australia and South-eastern Asia.

Can you tell me your developing progress in the future?

We will release the 2nd version Testnet in April. Meanwhile, the reputation and ID system will be accessible.

Smart pipeline system will be open source. All the functions mentioned above will open source too.

What’s schedule for upcoming technology open source?

2- About Comparison to other projects

What’s the difference between Smart Contract and Smart Pipeline?

Smart Pipeline is an innovative concept proposed by DREP. It multiplies data processing speed but costs no gas.

1. The Smart Contract needs gas. But Pipeline does not.

2. If you want execute a smart contract, you should call it by yourself. However, the pipeline execution is automatic.

What’s the difference between DREP and ONT, I noticed you both have reputation system.

Yes we both adopt DID technology. The difference is that DREP ID is not only to break data isolation, but also to solve the pain points of enterprises such as user retention and traffic monetisation. DREP ID will be a useful tool for businesses for user acquisition and it is powered by cross-chain technology, multi-party computing and distributed token reservation.

DREP Smart Pipeline seems novel. Cova has also claimed a similar smart policy, could you tell us how is yours different?

I have read the Cova whitepaper and codes. Its smart policy is limited to detect abnormal behaviours, but our Smart Pipeline will be an entrance for various orders including Rep orders.

How is DREP compared with Grin, the one implements MW privacy protocol?

Grin is created by anonymous geeks.

They only solve the problem of privacy in transactions. As we know, the data phishing is a more serious problem than txs.

We will release a more secure, more reliable decentralised ID with reputation using the technology of secure multi-party computation.

Towards the end, one community member asked Xiaolong to share some wise words from the Alpha of the pack Xiaolong Xu? 🐺

Xiaolong said DREP has always been committed to solve the problems of enterprises ranging from IPO firms to startups. Our BD team has visited our target companies since Feb. 2018 and we have communicated with more than 80 companies, and find that it is not really using blockchain technology itself, it is more about the products based our Reputation protocol that appeal to the demands from these companies.

DREP has been working hard to deliver our promises no matter what.

“The road before us is long and winding. Depart now and we shall be arriving.”

Above is the AMA from January. We look forward to hosting another AMA next time. Congratulations to our lucky winners during the AMA as well.

Reach us on social channels

Website — www.drep.org

Telegram — https://t.me/drep_foundation

Twitter — https://twitter.com/FoundationDrep




DREP is a decentralized reputation ecosystem based on blockchain technology which empowers various Internet platforms to quantify and monetize reputation value.

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