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Hall of Fame | DREP Testnet Alive Being Recognised by Industry KOLs

At 8pm on December 28, 2018, Darwin, the much anticipated DREP Testnet, was officially launched.

Testnet 1.0 is named after the prestigeous biologist Charles Robert Darwin, whose theory laid a solid foundation for species evolution. Similarly, DREP · Darwin also paved the way for DREP team to explore “Data Ecosystem on Chain”.

As the finale of the 2018 for DREP, Testnet 1.0 has been the efforts of the development team and laid the cornerstone for the blockchain commercial landing.

To this end, DREP integrates existing technologies and incorporates breakthrough technological innovations in the Testnet, including Hook technology (multiplier effect of data processing capabilities), reputation system and POR (inteligent user incentives), account private models, parameter customization and other features.

In addition, DREP also announced that the Testnet will be open source in January 2019, and will also release command line tools and RPC documents for users to access the Testnet. This is not only because DREP has always maintained the geek spirit of open sharing but also the confidence in its own technical strength.

Once the Testnet news was announced, it received a lot of attention. Many industry KOLs expressed their optimism about DREP and voiced for the Testnet 1.0 Darwin.

Let’s take a look at the industry’s evaluation and expectations for DREP.

*There is no ranking in the below sequence.

DREP is more than grateful to receive the generous recognition from the industry and beyond.

Even though there may be challenges and difficult times for the crypto world in 2019, we are still working relentlessly to deliver our vision and promises.



DREP is a decentralized reputation ecosystem based on blockchain technology which empowers various Internet platforms to quantify and monetize reputation value.

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