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November AMA with Jesse Liu, First CBO of DREP

"Our job is to deliver best products and platform possible as promised and facilitate its adoption by different entities."

"Reputation Protocol - a complete product with traffic and data"

Dear DREP community,

Our newly onboard CBO Jesse Liu, who has more than 8 years of experience in traffic-relevant industries including pan-entertainment and blockchain, had his first AMA with our community, on November 15th, 2018. We are glad to see many members joins and their active participation in DREP chat.

Below is a recap of the questions have been asked. CBO Jesse answered questions related to DREP’s business strategy, token value, exchange listing, marketing activities and his past industry experience.

| Do you believe the project for the long term?

I do believe in the project in the long run, which is the reason why I chose to move forward with DREP.

So far the reputation protocol that has been marketed has not shown the big picture. Based on the industry resources I have gathered, me and Xiaolong and the core team have established more business use cases for DREP reputation protocol and its tokenomics.

What I can disclose to you guys by far is that reputation protocol is not simply a technology, it will be a systematic ecosystem building of DREP, a complete product with traffic and data.

With the reputation protocol, we embed the demand depth of DREP tokens, which is one of the priorities that I have in DREP, to ensure a good return of investment for investors and community.

So far, the idea of reputation protocol by DREP has been accept by some big name companiessince last week. Due to NDA reasonsIcan not disclosetheir nameshereyet, but we will move faster and let you guys know ASAP and be happy about it.

I believe DREP will go far. Please show more confidence and understanding for the team.

| What’s your biggest learning after being in this space for over 2 years?

The entire market is bloody now. Ups and downs are a natural part of the secondary markets. I was a VP at an exchange so I know it can be very rough for you guys, especially today (Nov. 15, big crash in the market). Finger crossed for your portfolios!

My understanding is that the market is correcting itself and all these moves are normal progress of primitive captial accumulation in emerging markets.

My biggest gain is that there has not emerged an unicorn company in the space so far but we will become one if we choose the right market segment, which is something I am working on closely with DREP now.

Another learning is that the space requires team who are equipped with technology, resources, experience, and patience. If you have some time to closely deep dive into some projects (and the team members’ profiles) that you invested before, then you will understand why the market crash.

But luckily, the spring is not that far away.

| What’s your personal goal of DREP?

My personal goal of DREP is listing on exchange, which I heard is the most asked question from community and I understand why community ask.

The key is to get the company business strategy right and refine the DREP tokenomics.

I am actually somewhat glad that DREP has not been listed on the exchanges because I am able to add more of my knowledge and facilitate a better token launching based on my exchange-running background.

First exchange listing is of ultimate importance for a project and we need to get it right. That’s my first personal goal for DREP.

Apart from my experience in running exchanges, I am also bringing over my personal connections and industry resources in the pan-entertainment and gaming industry so as to expand DREP’s use cases far beyond crypto space.

Specifically, I want to deliver a Reputation Protocol which is recognized by industries outside of crypto, build an ecosystem with embedded DREP tokenomics, and achieve its mass adoption.

My ultimate goal is to let the token have its intrinsic value based on the company’s performance and have the tokens trading at multiple x under a healthy and sustainable ecosystem, instead of a groundless 100x.

I understand that you have been urgently wanting to know when the tokens are listed. I want to assure you again that DREP listing is my priority goal and we want to get it right.

| What’s your current business expansion plan? Can you explain in simple languages.

First step is to get the business strategy and execution plan in place.

The development team have been agressively building out the Reputation Protocol and DREP Chain.

The business team are actively partnering with different enteprises for both market assess and business adoption. Currently, our core market includes Australia, Korea, Middle East and Singapore.

The purpose of these to B development is to create their demands in the secondary market due to their needs to sustain their platform services.

I am able to share one plan to you guys, like the mindmap shows below:

Traffic is our key to develop beyond crypto.
In one of the business initiatives, we have partnered with a big profile company and focused on oversea students from Australia, UK, Canada and Asia (Korea and Singapore) for a product with Reputation Protocol and DREP tokenomics embedded within .
We will start and finish this program within the next 6months.

To put the strategy in a nutshell, we aim to creat enough demands for DREP tokens in both to B and to C scenarios.

| What are the biggest obstacles in executing DREP’s business strategy?

Nice one. There are roadblocks but I would not want to address them as “obstacles”. I would consider them as things on my priority list because they are important and need to be taken good care of.

There are three main things that I want to help focus on.

  1. First is to sync up product delivery timeline with business development progress.
  2. Second is to inform the community timely and share more relevant info possible to keep our community informed and engaged.
  3. Third is to strategize the news timeline so that good news are not released wasted while the conncections with enterprises and exchanges are not compromised.

All in all. The team is working relentlessly on product development and business expansion.

| What’s DREP’s plan on exchange listing?

We have already secured our target exchanges and they have been supportive with the decision DREP team has made so far. You know, they have been in space for longer so some of their advice do make sense.

Due to what happened this morning, we might have to re-evaluate the listing strategy. Currently, the investors at the secondary markets are somewhat pessimistic.

To protect the investor’s interest, we will make sure our product delivery of DREP testnet and Reputation Protocol prototype as well as watch closely the market.

At the same time, we are also speaking to several more exchanges that have good brand name and reputation because we also want the best performance for DREP tokens.

| What do you think of the marketing activities so far, and what are the key areas of improvement?

For a highly technical founding team, the team has managed to secure quite a decent popularity. One thing that the team has not marketed enough is that DREP has developed beyond the crypto space with the Reputation Protocol and technology solutions.

In the future, we will attach more importance to inform you guys about our business development progress and market beyond crypto for more commercial adoption.

| Please can you give us time range when this token will be listed?

We have already secured our target exchanges. Due to today’s market conditions, we might have to re-evaluate the listing strategy.

We try to make it short. That’s my style.

A clear business plan with actionable milestones will be given in December and we will have another AMA to collect feedbacks from the community.

Trust me, the team has given lots of thoughts in how they want to utilise the technology and achieve mass adoption.

Besides these, some technical questions have been asked and our co-founder Xiaolong turned up and answered them.

| How will you manage inflation?

We will start from 0.5% inflation rate at the beginning, half every four years.

| Proof of stake. If I am not wrong, and correct me if I am wrong, DREP will utilise DPOS. Can have more detailed information with regards to this, and whether DPOS will help to support token pricing?

We are using pbft+pos, not dpos.

The developer team I am leading are working very hard and business development is in great progress.

And thanks to our community members’ keen participation, the active level places us among the likes of Binance, Ripple and Cardano. We’re looking forward to another fun and meaningful communication with our community. Thank you dear all.

ABOUT DREP Foundation

DREP Foundation is devoted to building a performance-oriented technology infrastructure supporting high transaction capacity for an ecosystem generating valuable reputation data. Focusing on two industry pain points: lack of user adoption and low transaction throughput, DREP Foundation aims to provide highly scalable, modular blockchain architecture for deployment of a reputation protocol that any types of platforms can use.

DREP envisions a global plan to empower a wide array of platforms to have tokenized reputation ecosystem deployed on top of DREP Chain, which is secure, scalable and reputation data supportive.



DREP is a decentralized reputation ecosystem based on blockchain technology which empowers various Internet platforms to quantify and monetize reputation value.

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