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Regular Community AMA with Momo Chang Successfully Wrapped Up

Dear DREP Community,

The regular community AMA with DREP co-founder Momo Chang successfully wrapped up on 6th, September. We are so glad that many community members participated and put forward a lot of useful questions and suggestions. We extend our greatest gratitude to your long-term attention and support.

Before the Q&A session, Momo briefed DREP recent updates. First and most importantly, DREP Pre-Mainnet Launch and Smart Contract Upgrade Announcement were released. Secondly, the exact launch time of DREP mobile wallet has been confirmed and DREP Lock-up & Earn event was launched in Gate.io. Additionally, DREP August Progress Report was published at the end of August.

Below are the highlights of the AMA.

Enjoy the read!

Q: I read your announcement released yesterday. I’m holding some dreps in my erc20 wallet. What can I do to swap them? Thanks for your time.


Please carefully follow the steps in DREP official guide, as follows:


And please well note that you should swap all your previous ERC20 DREP tokens before 10th Sep, else you would get loose, as the original DREP contract is invalid in 7 days.

Q: Hi Momo, I participated Drep earn & hold event two weeks ago. I heard you will also launch your own drep lock-up plan soon, not in Gate, right? Could you tell us some details about it in advance?


Welcome to participate in Gate.io earn&hold event, you can get 30% annualized returens on DREP in 3 months.

Yes, we’ll deliver our own DREP Staking plan very soon, while don’t worry there is no conflict between ours and other earn&hold events. DREP Staking plan with much more juicy returns and diversified patterns is scheduled to be announced next month, stay tuned!

Q: Since you changed your token distribution schedule to Oct, do you have any plans for Sep. and Oct. Like any countermeasure for price protection?


After DREP unlocked on Oct, on the one hand, DREP will cooperatively develop staking plan and node plan to reduce actual circulation in the market; on the other hand, many beneficial news which have already been prepared will be announced then. No need to worry about it actually.

Q: I’ve been waiting for the swap function from BEP2 to ERC20 for a long time. What’s the exact launch time???


It’s going to be launched in the end of Sep. Don’t worry.

Q: So all the tokens I have in my mew I can put them on gate.io right for swap and staking?


Sorry, during the swap period, the deposit & withdraw function on exchanges is unavailable. Please follow our official instructions and send your previous DREP tokens to our appointed address.

Q: Hi Momo, last month I wanted to claim tokens in your Testnet but I failed, what’s the reason?


The Testnet you are using is 3.0. Since our Testnet is going to be upgraded to pre-Mainnet, the testnet token in Testnet 3.0 is invalidated now. Our pre-mainnet will be launched this month and we will inform the community once there is an update.

Q: I’m holding some dreps in Binance DEX, can I use these tokens to participate the Gate DREP lock-up & Earn? And how to do it?


We are so sorry that only DREP ERC20 are allowed in this event in Gate. But don’t worry, as mentioned earlier, the 2-way swap between DREP ERC20 and DREP EBP2 will be available in the end of September. At that time, you could swap as you want.

Q: Does DREP have supernode? I saw there is a DREP node plan in your summoner plan.


Yes, we’ll launch our Node plan right after our mainnet, which will be much interesting and useful.

Thank you all for the active participation and the questions and suggestions you raised. We really appreciate your consistent support and attention all the way.

Stay tuned for more good news to come!

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