Discover three things that Joe loves!

We asked Joe, our front end developer, to present us with three items; personal objects that have had an impact on his life. Read on to learn more about the world of Joe.

Firstly my most personal tattoo:

“I read this quote somewhere on the web, I don’t normally relate to quotes, but this one perfectly explains how I’ve made most of my life choices up until this point. Learning to swim by watching someone drown, meaning learning off other peoples mistakes, relates to my mother’s poor life choices and how she has lived her life and how it has ultimately shaped the way I’ve lived mine.

I stayed way clear of drugs, didn’t give into underage drinking and waited till I was 18 for my first drink making sure I had taught myself something valuable to build a career off so I didn’t end up jobless with no ambitions.”


“I moved into my flat when I was 17 and within about 2 months I decided to get a cat against everyone’s advice not to; although he was murder when he was a kitten! But Casper is my most favourite thing ever, he’s super fluffy and super needy, always wanting cuddles and getting under the covers at night and in the morning. He follows me into every room I go in and waits at the top of the stairs for me to return from the shop.

Genuinely one of the cutest cats ever; I love him!”

My old glasses:

“I used to be bound to glasses my whole life, and as much as people told me I look good in them I never liked them, so I chose to get laser eye surgery. It was a surreal experience being awake while lasers cut your eyes, but I’d 100% do it again, I can’t explain how much happier I am because of it.

Having the surgery is a just a small thing on a long list of self improvements I want to address.”

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