Discover three things that Kerry loves!

Kerry joined us as a Middleweight Creative back in March this year, she brings Northern charm to the Drew office. Not only new to Drew, but also new to London; Kerry is super excited about exploring all our fantastic city has to offer.

As with Joe, we’ve asked Kerry to share three items that have shaped her life:

Firstly my Camera!

“I love to capture beautiful things in my life whether it be my lunch, my #OOTD (outfit of the day), a gorgeous scene or a holiday snap, and I love keeping a little photographic diary on Instagram to look back on and daydream about my brilliant memories.

The best bit about my camera is that it’s water and shock proof so has been with me on skiing and sun holidays capturing some of the most beautiful nature!”

Secondly is TED

“Ted is my teddy bear that goes everywhere with me!

I’ve had him for as long as I can remember and I will be stitching any limbs back together until I’m 100! He’s a bit raggy and worn, and his belly is getting saggy but he’s old so he’s allowed to be. Ted is a right traveller and has been to Thailand, Spain, Greece and all over the UK — he literally comes everywhere with me! (We once had to turn around on the way to the airport because I forgot him! Shh!)

Last but not least… (I know it’s not an object, but…) Dance…

“My love for dance started at a teeny tiny 9 years old at Constellations School of Dance. It was a hobby that grabbed me right from the ‘get-go’ where I have made lifelong friendships, memories and experiences. I hung up my shoes in 2013, but throughout my time at the school I was privileged to be given opportunities of performing on some incredible stages including Royal Albert Hall, Sadler’s Wells, Her Majesty’s Theatre and even in Disney Land Paris. Dancing from such a young age really helped with my confidence, communication skills and let my creativity flourish.”

We’re always on the look out for great people:

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