Discover three things that Nadeem loves!

Although Nadeem has been a member of Team Drew for the past three months, we felt it was high time to share a little more about our fantastic developer:


“I’ve always loved Transformers and, as a kid, I always wanted this Hotrod figure. A few years back, when I first started my own company, I found the exact same toy I’d wanted so badly as a child but it was ridiculously expensive. Instead, I ended up buying a smaller version as a reminder to keep working for the things I want. I never actually bought the larger one. Instead, this little Hotrod has sat on my desk ever since as a reminder to work hard for the things I want.”

AR/VR (Virtual & Augmented Reality)

“I’ve always been a fan of technology, and science fiction.

Virtual and Augmented Reality always reminded me of what people thought the future would be, and now we get to live it.

I’ve worked heavily in the Augmented reality field and in the last year or two the things that are cropping up and really exciting. Also being a big video game fan, I’ve already figured out my rig for when VR comes to the playstation later this year.”

My workshop

“I love to make things, and not just digitally.

I recently put together a workshop at the back of my garden. It’s my go-to place for relaxing by creating things, like things for the house, props, gadgets and any other projects I want to tackle.

My workshop is where I can be creative and make things from all sorts of materials and everyday objects.”

We’re always on the look out for great people:

If you’d like to join Drew please do get in touch, we’d be delighted to hear from you.

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