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VNCHR Updates Q2 (Part 1)

It’s been an insane bull market, we’re still here :)

A lil update on what we’ve been up to. We’re working to streamline a process to bring e-commerce on-chain and collaborate with token holders on drops.

Expect part 2 next week, when we launch our dApp and begin rolling out reward tokens.


VNCHR sought out the best of the community token space to help us craft our vision. Please welcome Carlos Gomes and David Tomuletiu to the DripCabal!

Carlos Gomes: Carlos is the founder of Forefront ($FF), the home of social tokens content and creator insights. Forefront newsletter covers all things focused on social tokens — from the latest news, data and insights on the projects to people and trends driving the emerging social token space. He is also a core contributor at TheMintfund, a Community owned initiative helping crypto creators mint their first NFTs, and also working closely with the SeedClub Incubator program.

David Tomu: David is the co-founder of MintGate, a platform designed to make token protecting content easier and accessible to anyone. Brands and Content Creators provide exclusive token-gated content for their token holders; this means if someone wants access to their blog, article, design board, video, album, website, or software fans need to hold their social token or any other ERC-20, NFT, or multi-asset token specified.

Small Scale but Realer

Our work schedules are packed. In addition, the vast majority of our customers are crypto natives. These factors make our original positioning of bringing in non-crypto users make little sense.

It would be much easier for us to experiment with the future of capitalism and consumer products if we stick to crypto users. As a result we’ve decided to dial down and concentrate on VNCHR’s core goals. Instead of aiming to be a noob friendly product, VNCHR’s dApp platform will now be designed exclusively for crypto natives in mind.

Our dApp will be a hub for users to see their VNCHR balances, NFTs & acquire “reservation tokens” — more on this in part 2.

In addition we’ll run a DAO via Snapshot.page, using VNCHR/ETH LP tokens as governance tokens. Governance token holders will be able to vote on :

  • What themes we choose to make products on
  • Which designs to use
  • Bonding curves for Reservation tokens (we’ll tell you what this means soon haha)

In addition to this, there will be revenue sharing with LP token holders.

We will begin hosting weekly calls from mid may, to cover the status of current/upcoming drops, and discuss ideas for future products.

We are transitioning to an on-chain, NFT powered e-commerce model. Once this happens, all existing items in our store will be removed, and future drops will only be available for one week. We’re aiming to introduce one new drop every two weeks.

How we’ll cycle through launching multiple drops simultaneously

Upcoming drops

UniswapV3 has created tons of hype that we wanna build on, that’s why we designed a UniswapXVNCHR drop. Samples should be arriving in coming weeks, this will either be our first on-chain drop, or our last off-chain one (with extra $VNCHR rewards)

Stay Tuned for Part 2!

We’ll be covering :

  • Reward Token allocations
  • Our migration to Polygon Network
  • Our migration to on-chain e-commerce




Life’s an adVNCHR, we’re building a community powered streetwear store! Use our token $VNCHR to pay for merch and vote for what items we drop and designers we endorse!

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